Monday, April 2, 2012

This weeks lesson

This is the part of y blog where I do Lessons for the kids I have two at home and one in school. Irst grader Corban , Pre-k Alexis , and toddler Rowen. The letters of the week  for the month of  April are E,G,I.We will also be studying weather and insects.
          April 1st: April fools. Start and keep track of the weather in April.
Keep track however you want. I jus made a little book with their names on it and then for each day of the week they could draw what the sky looked like and how it felt outside.
          April 8th: Easter

    April 3rd:  For Alexis we reviewed a-k sounds. Finish off rainbow theme.We made rainbow pancakes and I stacked them up and put a candle in it for her birthday. 

 Rainbow color game: what you need Paper, markers, dice, red,yellow,orange,green,blue and purple crayons.

Parents draw arches on the paper.This is so they can color it in.Draw 6 arches. Then Write all the 6 colors mentioned above on a separate sheet.Assign each color to a number on the dice. Have each child roll the dice and that determines which color they use first. First child to get their rainbow wins. This is for all ages . If younger it might be more like scribble.But they are learning motor skills and hand eye coordination.

 I’m just a little black rain cloud….
Rain clouds are dark and are made up of tiny drops of water. As the drops grow and get bigger and heavier until they can’t stay up anymore. Read Drippy the rain drop by Joel Kimball It is really cute!Next we talk about the the water cycle and do print outs also on We talked about evaporation and did our own experiment. Have parent boil water .When it starts to boils explain that is evaporation! Pretend like you are dancing in the rain. Put on raincoats and hats and umbrellas. Go to the site and do little wiggle worm finger play.

This activity requires blue felt and little flat stones. The parent claps a certain amount of time to be the thunder puts the drops on their and then count the rain For my oldest who is in  I clapped to higher numbers for my 5 year old I clapped 1-10. Older babies and toddlers can do this too but watch them close. You don't want them to put them in their mouths.

 Letters of the week E. Make a  Letter box from you need a box,tape,marker. I chose items that started with E and put them in the box.Have your child fill the box too after if they want.Hey you might even get some free cleaning.It will all be in the box :). If you have a young baby 1-3 have them take and put items back in as you tell them what they are or what color they are.You could also count how many and see if they will count with you. I found an eraser and plastic eggs. When you empty out the box you have an "empty"box.Impromptu egg hunt!!

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