Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Letter of the week Z

We are finishing y today and moving on to Z.Not as in Zzzzzzz snoring! We talked about year.It is 2012 and asked what next year will be.I had to give them a hint of what comes after 12?There is 12 months in a year.Each month is broken up in weeks and days. I made a sign that said Yesterday was Tuesday.Today is Wednesday.Tomorrow is Thursday.Last month was April.This month is May.Next month is June. I found this cool little double sided board at Ross to practice writing and to use as my chalk board.Check it out it is sooo cute!

2 more days and school is out!
Are you ready for summer? Better start planning!My summer plans are coming soon to help give you ideas and to  help your kids have fun while learning.The best part is that they will not loose what they studied in school.

We are now working on l-x sounds for Lex and Ro is getting familiar with them.

What is black and white and red all over?

Now onto our letter Z as in Zebra. I found this cute Zebra puppet made from a brown sack lunch bag.It is found @ You need your bag,white construction paper, printer to print template,scissors, glue and crayons.

Here is what you need to do:
  • Cover the paper bag with white construction paper (just glue it on and trim) or paint the paper bag white and let dry.Color template whatever they want we used mostly black and red.
  • Glue the tongue underneath the flippy tab.
  • Glue the stripes (small ones from first template) onto the HEAD.
  • Glue the nose (a big oval) onto the HEAD.  It should overlap the body a bit.
  • Glue the eyes onto the HEAD above the nose.  If you like, you can use wiggly eyes instead of the paper template pieces.
  • Glue the ears onto the HEAD
  • Glue the hair tuft onto the HEAD

Water play with squirt guns and then sand.I had to get a new water tub because the other one got broken.

These zebras are wild and vicious as they attack Daddy!

Answer:A zebra with a sunburn!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Letter of the week Y

Sign for letter Y

We practiced writing the letter Y.I found these pre-writing sheets at Ro mostly scribbled on it so we will keep practicing.

Y is for yard.We are studying outside this week.There are trees in the yard.

We looked for things that are yellow in the house. Ro is really starting to learn his colors.

Yoga is a relaxing form of exercise, yet it engages and uses your muscles and core. My kids love to do yoga with me. It is the best exercise for me because of the Chronic fatigue.

Down ward dog is my kids favorite.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hill Airforce base Air Show

Every couple of years the base has an air show.It is so awesome to see all the airplanes.You need ear plugs though for the show. Here is Ro flying his airplane and making plane sounds! I love when I get pictures like this!

Here is an F-22 they are so awesome!
We got to see inside an old cock pit and go inside a few of the planes.

We went inside the Hercules air craft carrier. We saw the cock pit and the kids got to pretend that they were pilots.

         They even had a falcon there!  They even had guns with no amo of course to check out!

                                   This air craft was huge!look at the wing span!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why do bees itch?

We are continuing our to learn about bees.Here is a really simple craft that I did.You need a yellow and black construction paper.You cut out a small circle and a larger oval.That is the bees head and body.With the black paper cut out a triangle for the stinger and strips of black paper to be the stripes of the bees.Then I had them glue on the stripes and stinger.We put googly eyes and pipe cleaners for the the antenna.So cute!

We also did some more practice with letters.I had Lex roll a dice and whatever number I would count the letters and have her practice writing that letter.For example she rolled a 2 so A,B.We would practice b then she rolled a 4 so I would start at B and count 3 more letters.Next is the letter E.

For snack we had yogurt with straws.I made a flower out of cupcake liner.I saw how to make a flower out of cup cake liners on Studio 5.So the kids drank their nectar.

We went to story time at the library.

Answer:They have hives

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letter Review and Bee Theme

Our little Treasures!

Did you guys guess it right?

Now onto our review of the letters.I wrote letters A-L on a peice of paper and had them match them with magnetic letters.


Here we are blending sounds she did pretty good.

My kids love the magic school bus series.Written by Joanna Cole I had to get this one about honey bees.Lex already knew about bees drinking nectar and pollenating flowers. It is a long read so we are breaking it up. We drew bees and their long tongues sucking the nectar.

We played match gane with numbers.I drew bees and them used egg cartons for the hives.Write numbers on bees 10-15. Do the same for the hives.

Monday, May 21, 2012

X marks the spot where your treasure is Part 2

When Daddy came home we wanted to send him on a treasure hunt for the greatest treasure there is. Hint look at my last post for a hint of what that treasure might be.

Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

If you like these cute cards here is the link:

Start where your treasure is going to end up.So I want my husband to go to my friends house across the street.There are 4 clues all together. So I write the clue for the destination.
Then you go to the one before that so you are working backwards to your starting place.
1.If you can't find us home we are usually at this place.-put clue on the bed
2.My name rhymes with Rex.I don't always want to go here but I need my________.- put clue in the fridge
3._n th_ fr_dg_- take out letters to have them figure it out-put clue on the computer
4.I have lots of keys and a green for a face.Take out the g and put an sc: screen.I also cut this one up so he had to do a puzzle.This is where we will have Daddy start.I handed it to him.

Nate figuring out a clue
Any guesses on what the treasure might be?

To be continued..........

Alright we can"t end like that can we so here is one more picture. It is of my sweet Lex's dance recital.

Friday, May 18, 2012

X marks the spot where your treasure is Part 1

This is kinda a crazy mixed match page of fun. Every mom knows how special each child is.They are the real treasure. Their laughter can brighten up any day. Today I just wanted them to be creative.I like to use Friday as a day to get ready for Saturday. We wipe down walls which kids love to do. We vacuum. This day the vacuum strayed to the lovely locks of my children. I think that my lense was dirty not as good pictures sorry.

I have all these lids for cups from a summer party I did a few years ago I was thinking what I could do with them and then I saw this cute package of Alphabet stickers.

                     I decided to put the stickers on each lid. Lex was excited to help me put them on.

Then I took an old can, those oatmeal ones are great but I didn't have any. I cute a slit in the lid big enough to fit the lids.

Then all Ro has to do is drop it in the can. With the Alphabet letters on there the possibilities to use them are numerous.

Then I decided to decorate it. I am not the best crafter but I had fun and here is how it turned out! 

The kids also played with play dough I am so full from all the pretend food I ate! Lex made bread sticks yummy. I Love how creative they can be.