Saturday, May 5, 2012

Letter K and Temple square trip

What do you use keys for? Unlock or lock things like cars and houses. You can also use them for traceing and rubbings.The kids loves this and then went around trying to open doors and asking what the keys were for.I didn't want to tell them all of them so they wouldn't try to take a joy ride in the car.

Here is some more Sign Language fun.We can't forget our Aunts and Uncles


We went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City and City Creek.There is a kids water area.So we stopped for some sensory with water.They got soaked but the laughter and Joy was worth it all.Plus I was prepared with a change of clothes.Go me!

Fun picture by a water fountain.They wanted to know why people threw coins in the fountain.I told them it was to make a wish and hopee it comes true.Corb said "thats silly why would any one do that?"

We ate at PF Changs.They have a gluten free menu.I got lettuce wraps with chicken a rice.Yum I am going to try to make something like this at home. Rowie decided to feed Corban.He would say "Bite, bite'"

The Key to a wonderfull evening is to be together, have spontaneuos fun and be preapred! The best part was that there was no battle to get the kids to go to bed!

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