Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Letter of the week

My little Ladybug has blossomed from not knowing any sounds to knowing A-K! I guess I was worried for no reason. We celebrated and started the letter K. I downloaded a worksheet from kidszone.ws/pre_kwrksht/learning-letters/k.gif. We talked about what things started with the letter,like KKkkangaroo,kkkite,kkking. We also practiced writing our uppercase K.

Their all different kinds of people in our family. Their are Mothers,Fathers,Brothers, Sisters. Lets do our family tree!I used dltk-kids.com to print out this cute tree and apples. The idea is that you take the sheet with the apples and cut them out. Each apple represents a family member. I added pictured so they could see the person. You put your child at the top.Then their siblings,parents,grandparents.

Language: Next we learned sign language for family,home,mother,father,brother,sister.Look at the pictures below.







ALl these activities are good for ages 1-6. When they are young is the best time to teach them languages. Fine motor skills were used for gluing and putting apples on tree and coloring.

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