Monday, May 21, 2012

X marks the spot where your treasure is Part 2

When Daddy came home we wanted to send him on a treasure hunt for the greatest treasure there is. Hint look at my last post for a hint of what that treasure might be.

Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

If you like these cute cards here is the link:

Start where your treasure is going to end up.So I want my husband to go to my friends house across the street.There are 4 clues all together. So I write the clue for the destination.
Then you go to the one before that so you are working backwards to your starting place.
1.If you can't find us home we are usually at this place.-put clue on the bed
2.My name rhymes with Rex.I don't always want to go here but I need my________.- put clue in the fridge
3._n th_ fr_dg_- take out letters to have them figure it out-put clue on the computer
4.I have lots of keys and a green for a face.Take out the g and put an sc: screen.I also cut this one up so he had to do a puzzle.This is where we will have Daddy start.I handed it to him.

Nate figuring out a clue
Any guesses on what the treasure might be?

To be continued..........

Alright we can"t end like that can we so here is one more picture. It is of my sweet Lex's dance recital.

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