Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Letter of the week Z for zoo

Sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo. My kids are my wild monkeys.I let the kids pick from different Zoo animals to carry around with them the whole day. They wrote in their journals about it.So here is what they did.

Rowen's choice

First they read there bed time stories to them and tucked them in.
Corb and Lex chose frogs

The next day we had a picnic with animal crackers.The kids separated the crackers into categories and Corb graphed them. We had our picnic at the library so we went inside..

 Our libraries are involved in early voting so their programs like the magic show aren't happening this month but they do have what they call a pod activity.It consists of a theme,  and some activities to do. I think this is so creative!

Make your own puppet show

There was 3 different ones.We took the frog robot puppet home and made it.I thought it was fitting because both my oldest kids picked frogs for their animals.We talked about frogs and specifically Dart frogs that are at the Hoggle Zoo we will be visiting at the end of this week.

When we got home we read this cute book called Zoozical. It is winter in the Zoo and all the animals are down in the dumps until they join some other animals dancing and they figure out that each animal had something to offer.

The crocodiles led the alphabet song

We sang the songs from the book which were based on real tunes.
Elephants sang do your ears hang low?
Its a tall world after all to the tune of "It's a small world after all. The gorillas sang"For he's a jolly good fellow"

Then we had our won Zoozical. The kids had a blast with it!

My kids have really attacked the craft area of my kid's room.More specifically the pipe cleaners.Corb made his frog a wand.What imaginations they have and I am glad that they can have a place to explore.What do your kids like to do to explore and create?

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