Friday, November 16, 2012

Letter C- Cars

I decided to buy those baths paints to see if I would like them.They were a big hit plus its soap so if it spills you just wipe it up and your done!

Rowen's favorite thing in the whole world are his cars!We dumped all the cars in and the kids mixed, and drove the cars through it..You can even give them a bath when they are done.Just make sure you stay with them so there is no slipping and sliding because it is slippery.

We added sponges to make a little car wash.

Next was snack time.We traces the letter C and cut out this cute car craft I got from

I used the crackers from their snack for the wheels of the car.

We also talked about the number 3 and square.I read the story of the 3 little pigs.I found these cute printouts for them to act out their own story.
We talked about the buildings and how they were square.

My littlest connected the dot with Mom to make a square.I encouraged Lexi  to make something out of her square and here is what she came up with!

Day 2

We did more 3 little pigs and play-d'oh..We also looked around the room for squares and I made my letter C box.In it was a crocodile,car, and clothes pin and other items.

Also I downloaded this cute file folder game from
I just put it in plastic sheets for now but on this site they have a ton of lap books and letter of the week activities!Maybe I will make one soon!

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