Thursday, January 31, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-12 ways to use left over socks

Sock bandits in your house? 
I don't know how it happens but my kids lose their socks.The dryer eats them,they never make it to the hamper but mysteriously they cannot be found anywhere! I got so tired of it that I went and bought them socks and hampers to hang on the door.But they have to tell me or turn in their dirty socks to me before I will give them another pair.They were excited to get new socks and so far it seems to be working. It has become part of their bed time routine.

So this brings me to my next point and that is what to do with all those leftover socks.

1.They make great dusters for you or for little hands.This is the number one favorite use for them.
2.Mop with them.The kids on occasion have worn them on their feet to ice skate while cleaning the floor
3.Use them as sock puppets.
4.They are great to start a game of snow ball fight indoors and soft too
5.Make sock stuffed animals as gifts for people having new babies or cousins or nieces.There is a cute one I  want to do of an owl so stay tuned.....
6.Put tennis balls in it to make a great massage tool for your feet or knots in your neck.
7.Use them to hold go-gurts or ice.
8.Make lovely sachets for your drawers or our kids stinky shoes.Dryer sheets also work for this too.
9.Use as a De-stress-er.Give a bag of socks to the kids and let them toss them and jump around or whatever they an think of.
10.I have found my kids on occasion to put their treasured things in there or use it for a bed for a doll or animal.Then there socks become mismatched ha ha
11.Make rice packs to ease those sore muscles.
12.Pack fragile things in them or put them around them for extra cushion.

What do you use your mismatched socks for?

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