Thursday, February 7, 2013

Letter I

Come with us and we will show you what there is in a peoples house.....

I love Dr Seuss books.This week we have been studying the letter I,the number 8 and the shape for the month is the heart.We read In a peoples house.

I am trying to introduce my toddler to more words and thought that this would be a good book to start with.He can start identifying words with pictures.I asked the kids what was in the living  room.We started writing things down and then we labeled things in the room.I would tell them the word and they would put it there.For example chair

Next we practiced writing the letter I.Ro used his salt tray which I added sprinkles to for color.
It looks like ice.

Then we did a little experiment to see if Epson salt and the sprinkles would dissolve in water.They made their guess and my little guy stirred it up to move the process along.It did dissolve and the water turned pink.I don't know if these pictures are the best to portray our little experiment.


So you see there are people too,
 in a peoples house making experiments and growing too!

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