Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Letter K-Kids in the Kichen

I found this cute song to introduce the letter K @

Here We Go Round The Letter Kk
Tune: Mulberry Bush
Here we go round the letter Kk,
the letter Kk, the letter Kk.
Here we go round the letter Kk,
while we're in Kindergarten.

This is the way we like to kick...
This is the way to be kangaroos...
This is the way we turn our keys...

Music and Movement(Gross Motor):We jumped around to music like a Kangaroo and flew in the wind like Kites, and lots of freeze dance.

Nursery Rhyme:3 Little Kittens(We will go over this almost every day) 
I decided to keep going over words of things found in a room.We had read In a peoples house by Dr.Seuss.We talked about what there was in a kitchen and wrote it down.Then the kids matched the words to what is in the Kitchen

When teaching kids how to cook,first you need to make sure you have taught your kids to be safe in the kitchen

Here is a good article on teaching safety in the kitchen.Some important things covered were washing your hands.Being careful near hot stove, and turning pots and pan handles in.I am always reminded of a quote from Gilmore Girls where Lorelei told her daughter Rori not to touch the stove knobs because they were the devils hands.I would not tell my kids that but it still makes me laugh.Don"t stick your hands in any blenders or near sharp blades.I remember when I was cooking and my oldest son who was about 3 or 4 then had gotten my meat scissors and in a split second cut baby Lexi's finger.Luckily she did not need stitches.I was horrified!!!

Cooking with young kids:
1.Help gather ingredients.My son loves to get the stool to help!
2.They can wash veggies and fruit, and potatoes.
3.If you pre- measure for them they can add,and stir ingredients
4.put mixture into tacos casseroles etc...,help steady a bowl while adult pours
5.kneed dough and put pizza toppings on or put cookies on baking sheet
6.They can wash and tear lettuce.
7.They can be a taste tester.My Mom always had us kids taste spaghetti noodles or lick the egg beaters.That was my favorite part!My least was the clean up but that is an important skill to teach and re-teach and teach again.You most likely will be teaching them to clean up till they move out!

I am going to choose each of my kids on different days to cook with.First is my Lexi.

Meal:Tuna Casserole
1.Cook the rice.
Lexi can measure,pour and put the water in.
2.Gather ingredients-butter,flower,onion powder,garlic powder,nutmeg,tuna,peas.Don't forget the measuring cups.It is pretty simple.I taught her how to make a roue.

  To make a roue melt 1/2 cup butter then add 1/2 cup flower.Stir for a couple of minutes.We added a dash of onion powder, and garlic powder.

Add 2 cups milk a little at at time.You stir it until the flour is incorporated in the milk.We added a little nutmeg.Lexi loved to stir it.She kept calling herself the cook.She would do ___ because she is the "cook". She said this over and over.

Add half a bag of peas and 2 cans of Tuna
We made it extra special by letting her decorate the table.Here is what she chose.So much fun!!!

We made it extra fancy too where we took the tuna can and put rice in it.