Friday, March 22, 2013

Rainbow obstacle course-review of colors

Today there is a deeper meaning to our play.We talked about light.The source we depend on for light is the sun.Without light their wouldn't be color.So today we are doing a color obstacle course.
We honored the sun as ancient yogis by doing sun salutations.We used our sun we made and a mountain that looked like an M.I made it from brown construction paper.M for mountain.Yellow means spirituality,Spring,happiness,energy, wisdom,emergency,hazard and cowardice.It is a happy color and can reduce depression.Sometimes we see a red sun.People have different reactions to red.It can mean passion,energy,love,war and anger.Just looking at it can stimulate brain activity.

Then the kids ran on river rocks.Blue means spirituality,calmness,void,cleanliness,fresh air,sadness,cold,trust and intelligence.
I made them so when they stepped on them they would make noise.I filled a plastic bag with newspaper and put different colors on top.

Then we stopped and made a tree pose.This pose is a grounded pose to help us center ourselves.The trees grow up like they are trying to reach the sky.Green is strongly associated with nature.It means growth,cleanliness,health,peace,harmony,relaxation,security,envy,jealousy,illness,and immaturity.

They had to try to jump up and catch the rain.The kids looked up and above them were blue streamers representing rain and clouds.Sometimes in life there is time of darkness where we might have to look more deeply inside to find the light.

The kids helped me fill these bottles as we mixed colors for red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple.Orange means creative,good health,social,excitement,warm and loud.
We made a bowling game to represent thunder.They practiced their manners by taking turns nicely.

Then they crawled to a rainbow created by draping a sheet over chairs and multi-colored lights.Purple means spirituality,faith,magic,ceremony,subconscious,creativity,imagination,calming,bravery,death,cruelty,wealth,self involvement,instability and luxury.

We ended by looking in the mirror.I asked them what they saw.They said "me". I replied that each of us are unique and special.We all have light within us.Let your light shine bright!

Even the baby enjoyed all the color.We are still doing tummy time and our Nursery rhyme,Humpty Dumpty.We will do more nursery rhyme activities next week.

For snack time I gave Lex yogurt and Rowen crackers and they had to share with each other.

Next week will be a review of letters K,L and M,colors,Humpty Dumpty,Tea Party to practice manners and some Easter fun! We still need to do our manners game too.Its coming soon as you can imagine this obstacle course took a while. Phew I am exhausted just thinking about it!

You can find where I found the meanings of different colors @

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