Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday -Week 11 6+ exercises to do at the park

How is Spring cleaning going?

We are in week 11 of my Take back my turf meaning my body.It has been overtaken by baby weight and I have 10 weeks now to make it ready for the beach.How did Sun salutations go for you?It is harder than it sounds.You can find how to do them on YouTube.

So,as promised I am talking today about how you can workout at the park.First you can chase your kids around or maybe do some yoga outside.If you live by a park you could walk there.Again if you have young kids you probably have a stroller.You can use that stroller as a bar to lean on just make sure it has it's breaks and test it to make sure it won't tip.
1.You can lift your legs up on it to stretch,or use it to hold as you go down into plies` or a deep squat.
2.You can use the steps to step up and down.First start with your right foot up up with the left.Then down with left and down with the right.Look up step aerobics for more exercises.Another on is to step up and lift the opposite leg.Then switch sides.
Another exercise you can do is to use the cement walls to do push ups.You can also use the jungle gym
3.Use the swings.Lay on your stomach and stretch your arms and legs like Superman.
4.slide lunge
5.pull ups
6.park bench dips

Would you do any of these or would you feel silly.I would and have anyone join me.I like that can keep an eye on the kids too!

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