Thursday, May 9, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday -week 9

How is the workouts going?We have been having so much fun exercising with the baby! Today I went to a class where they really worked the abs and glutes.I am very sore and realize I need to work those areas more! No pain no gain right?Well have I got a treat for you?How does a no squat belly,butt and thigh workout sound? There are only 5 exercises and they have a way to make it more challenging or easier.As always listen to your body!
The exercises are as follows:
1.Wall bridge
2.Wind shield wipers
3.Toe reaches
4.Wall scissors
5.knee press
See website for pictures and explanations. As always be careful and talk to Dr if you are not sure about these.I think the kids might like these! I foresee some giggles ahead!
What are your favorite glute exercises?

Now for a cleaning tip! Clothes belong in the hamper not the floor.Get your kids or yourself out of the habit of dropping clothes on the floor or bed.Even Toddlers can do it.Make it fun like shooting hoops in the basket.See how far away they can stand and try to make it.Next time have them beat it!Play horse or toss it over your head while you stand backwards! High five when you are done! It doesn't have to be a chore.That is my new motto! Have fun shedding junk in your house and your trunk.That is my pep talk I couldn't help myself!

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