Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday:Week 10

I am moving right along with being beach ready! I tried on my yoga pants that I couldn't fit just a few weeks ago.So I hope everyone is having some success.I don't really have the endurance for hard core workouts. I also need to squeeze in little pockets of exercising when I can.This brings me to this weeks challenge to workout with the baby.You can do it easier than you think.You can do sit ups with the baby laying on your knees on his/her tummy,like an airplane.My favorite thing to do is yoga with my baby.Another great one is the plank which is basically like a push up but instead of going down you hold your core tight and push your belly button into your spine. Don't forget you can stretch your baby out too.Move their legs in a circular motion.You can also sit them on your lap and stretch their arms out to a t and back in,following their breath.Of course always be gentle and never force.I am not an expert so always check with your doctor. I found some fun exercises at the following website: elevator which is basically a chair pose.This is an all out core workout.When you lift you baby up you will feel the burn so if this is your first time go slow and listen to your body. planet
3.divine drops
4.down dog puppy love

I am currently going through the kids clothes to see what fits and what they have outgrown. I do this every season change.I only have
 one girl so I have to buy her all new every time!I recently discovered that if you take an outgrown skirt and a shirt you can sew them together and voila,you have a new outfit.I am not one for sewing but I am going to try it!What do you do to get more wear out of your kids clothes?

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