Thursday, June 20, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday -My goals for Summer

So far we are having a great Summer! We are doing school at least an hour a day. The kids are home more and pitching in around the house.The house is more clean.I even got a chance to work in my room!Things were a little crazy last week because my hubby was out of town.My biggest problem is still the papers.I am desperately trying to find a solution! I dedicated a drawer in my son's room for his papers.Once it is full it then he must decide what to keep and toss.

We are also doing operation baby.This is where if the kids find a toy they figure out if it is a choking hazard.If they don't know they can see if it fits in a toilet paper tube or if it can come apart.It won't be long till the baby is crawling so I am making them aware now!

We are in week 4 of our 12 weeks.4 weeks until I put on that bathing suit for our Vacation. I have been a lot more active.This challenge may have been too much when I have so little time!My most successful week was when I would squeeze in time at the park.Have any of these exercises been of any benefit?What did you like?not like?I can't wait to go to the beach!

A little tip:bring baby powder to the beach it will get the sand off and don't forget warm clothes!

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