Thursday, September 26, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday -Just start!

Last week I made a list of things most important to me.Did you give it a try?If not I would encourage it because it is a very strong motivator to have a goal of where you want to end up! If you just say I want my house clean it seems daunting and very unattainable.For example I know my kids rooms have been driving me crazy! I have been spending as least 5 minutes a day.There have been days that was all I could or wanted to do.Today I spent a half an hour in my son's room and man oh man boys are disgusting!I need to help him before roommates or his poor future wife has to deal with that! I have time though right.The idea is to just start!Start small and work up to your goal!Yes,it takes more time but you won't burn out as easy.
I told my son that I worked on his room.He replied with a heartfelt thank you and then he said"You work too hard Mom" Every Mom's dream to hear! But when I asked him to pick up the papers and garbage in one area he said NO!Moment over,crushed.and I am back to reality.However they have had t.v. ,friends and video games taken away until they clean.I'd they leave it up to me it will be a while!

I think that I am going to move the time to 7 minutes and keep my kitchen table clean. I saw this really cool organizer someone made to put books and things that are on the table.

Here is another organizing miracle I have found.It is a way too store stuffed animals and have more seating too!You want to know how?
That is right! A bean bag !!!!! Genius right? I 
only wish I had thought of it!The frog is trying to escape!
 Do you have any organization tips to share?

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