Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 7 -Less anxiety and more rest(31 day challenge)

Today's challenge:
Take some time today to do something kind for yourself that you don’t normally make time for.  Read a book, take a bath, bake cookies, get a pedicure, take a walk, sit and watch the sunset over a glass of wine, do some yoga…..give yourself at least 60 minutes today to rest and recharge.

So last night my eyes were stinging and my body hit the pillow so instead of writing a post for day 6 I went to bed early!

I think anxiety is a tough subject to cover because we all handle it differently. The best thing you can do I think if you are anxious is to try to start your morning off right to start out with.If your mind won't shut off at night then write or talk about what is on your mind and tell yours self you are going to sleep after that.If you like to meditate t night and early in the morning are the best times.Be prepared as much as you can for the next day.It is good to have a good morning and evening routine.

If you have done all you can to have a good day but you still feel anxious or something happens during the day to make you so,here are a few tips.
1.Recognize what your body feels like when you are upset.Where is it tight?In your face,fist or whole body.
2.Decide ahead of time what helps you calm down.Do you need to take deep breaths,count,scream into a pillow,to name a few.
3.If you can remove yourself from the situation. If it  is a recurring thought about finances,family or yourself.Then think about ways to kick that thought to the curb! Write it down.Turn a negative into a positive. If goals are required write step by step how you are going to,for example,getting out of out of debt.

To sum it all up,try to keep your body and life as healthy and happy as you can first.Decide how you want to react and combat anxiety.If you can't shake it on your own you may have depression.In that case seek medical help and don't feel ashamed.I never thought I would suffer from it for so long but it was debilitating and I had to get help.Its ok and it can get better.That is why I came up with happiness blueprint!You can come back to it and change it whenever you need!

I am grateful for
2.good health
3.heater and air conditioning

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