Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6-less discord and more harmony (31 days challenge)

Today's challenge:
 Identify a situation in your life where there is conflict, resentment, or discord.It could be in a friendship, family situation, or group you are a part of.Take an honest look at your own contribution and culpability to this particular situation, then think of one or two things you could do today to help resolve the conflict, ease the tension, or move towards reconciliation.

In yesterday's post I talked about putting others first.This challenge is very similar.First create harmony within yourself.If you are not in control of your emotions you can't talk openly.If you are tense it isn't long before you snap.You need to pray and ask for help.Is everything ok at home?Make sure you take care of the big stuff first.If your house is a mess or it is about finance that needs to be taken care of first.I can't think when my house is a mess.De clutter and get rid of things you don't need.It will feel good and cleansing.

Once there is harmony inside yourself then you can work on those things in the world outside of you.If your life is crumbling.Look inward for peace and work on your relationship with God.This is the only way.Ever notice there is a pattern to life. Challenges happen in your life.This makes you think negative thoughts.These thoughts make you put up walls and you are attracted to negative people,because they are or have been where you have.The more you retreat the more the darkness consumes every aspect of your life.I know because I have been there.It doesn't get better until you stop looking at the negative.It really starts with a little negative thought.Change your thoughts,your attitude,and your life.Then the light starts to come back.How long this process takes is up to you.It doesn't mean there won't still be challenges.But if you are in a better place inside it can only help you look on the bright side of things.

The best thing to do next is to say sorry and be honest.Then listen.Those are the best two things you can do to resolve and fix the tension.This is of course when you are mentally ready and balanced and ready to move forward.No dwelling in the past and holding on to things!

I am grateful cream(it puts me in a blissful state and a creamy coma)

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