Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to feel more grounded and less stressed during the holidays

Where did the weekend go? Seriously it flew by.

My ta da's-I did make some progress on going through my papers.I also got some Christmas shopping done. Have you started.Speaking of Christmas we are on day 8 in the Christmas countdown
Day 8-Reality check week

Here is another daily missions to check oout:cruising through the holiday

 tasks this week:Divide entries on the master gift list into five groups. Begin shopping for Christmas gifts, and try to buy one-fifth of the gifts this week.

Establish good health habits to cushion you and your family from holiday stresses. Focus on regular bedtimes, proper diet, mild exercise and stress reduction. Schedule self-care appointments in the holiday calendar.Schedule a day to relax at least once a week in December I think is a must.Schedule it though and make it happen!

My husband and I have never had too strict  of a Christmas budget so this weekend we now know what we have and what we want to get.

Priorities can change and that is ok.With the approaching holiday season coming up it uses a lot of your energy up.What do you do when you feel all over the place?........Find your passion for the season.It is a time for giving.It is time for family.It is also a great time to connect with not only your family but yourself.Check in with yourself.Spend at least an hour a day in self development is key.I did this all last month and it kept me motivated.The more positive things got mentally and in my world around me,the more energy I felt!Just start! Start reading and gaining knowledge you may find you are not alone.Start dreaming about your holidays and don't worry about your lists.Connect with your family.

In yoga they use the term "grounded".The tree pose or mountain pose are good poses to feel grounded.If you don't believe in your life force energy, yoga or chi.I think it is still important to have a purpose in mind.To feel grounded to something.For a long time I struggled with my health.I was sick all the time.I didn't have energy for anything.No passion.I felt all over the place and no motivation.

Feeling grounded is going inward and letting go.You can't let lists and other people pull you in all different directions.I think we can all relate to being stretched beyond our abilities.I plan on taking more breaks to just breathe.....ahhhh........ and enjoy the excitement of my kids.If you feel tight and your breaths are short and shallow.Take a few moments and breathe.Remember the stress you are feeling is coming from inside.....YOU!What you get from this years experience is also your choice to make.We can slow things down,accept less obligations.

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