Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 10,11-25 days to a more Christ centered Christmas countdown

Day 10
Luke 2:1-3
We had a cookie decorating party with friends and family and we delivered it to only one neighbor because it has been so freezing this week!It was a lot of fun!I didn't take any pictures.Sad!

I made 60 cookies for 15 people(half were cutie pie kiddos)  and only 2 were left!I say that is a success! I hope no one got a tummy ache!Yummy yummy!

Day 11-
Luke 2:4-5
Read:Christmas family.
Here come the water works!I cried so you may need tissues but this story was beautiful and it reminded me of a family that helped us when we needed it most .We had almost lost my husband and soon to be Father, to a brain hemorrhage.Then he was laid off, after having our first born. One night we find a cooler of food,good food,at our door.There was steak, milk,bread and enough to get us by until my husband found a new job.It was a miracle and to this day we still do not know who gave us this wonderful service.

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