Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day22-25-(40 days closer to Christ)3 ways to recognize your blessings everyday.

Day 22-
Challenge:write your testimony and start keeping a journal.

Day 23-Think back on a time where you had to search for the Savior to find strength beyond your own.

I can think of several times on my mission when I was too weak or sick to move.I didn't thank him for the good days and then in 2011 I hit rock bottom.I couldn't get off the couch,I was sad always and I didn't know what was wrong.Because of my best friend and my husband I made it to a doctor who finally diagnosed me.Even now with reading my scriptures and paying more sincerely I am still stretching and finding my way back.This time of year is hard because of the weather so my depression tries to creep back in.So far though I am really asking for extra help and the Lord is right there.I can feel him!That is what happens when you rely on him who is mighty to save.I still have a long way to go!

In her book Emily challenges for that day to stretch again I have really been trying to read my scriptures everyday before I do anything else.The best has been when,(and I stress when I can get up)I wake up before the kids.

Day 24-I think I like this challenge the most so far.Try to discover ,"in every hour",some heavenly blessing that will bring you closer to Christ.

In November it is a month of gratitude.When December comes along it becomes more about gifts and buying the perfect gift.We spend our time at stores and parties.I love all of these things,by the way,I just want to keep my focus on the Savior and the children he has given me.Why not continue to notice your blessings and give of your heart and time.I have been enjoying our more Christ centered Christmas as we have dove in deeper about Mary and Joseph I feel like I am on the journey with them.I have been thinking on it over and over.What they must have went through. My mother was not able to bear children and and waited 7 years to adopt.Because of this treasure being a Mom and don't want to waste the time I have with them.

Each day might feel like you do the same  thing each day.It is true that mothers of young kids do a lot for them.You wake up feed them,dress them and clean up.Then a few hours later it is the same thing.It may seem repetitious,  however,we can look at it differently if we try.Here are 3 ways to recognize your blessings every day.
1.Fill your heart with gratitude.When you wake up pray for one more day,one more step or leap and opportunity to be closer to him.
2.Take little steps each day to be more Christ like.Pick an attribute or habit and pay to accomplish it.
3.At the end of your day look at your success and what may also need some adjustment.

As you do these 3 things with daily scripture study and prayer you will be able to be closer to him and feel his influence in your life hour by hour.

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