Friday, December 20, 2013

File it Friday- How are you going to end your week?

File this week under:A new perspective

I am grateful to a few people this week who sent me encouraging texts and calls.Grateful to my daughter who did her chores without complaint.This is HUGE for her!I am so grateful for my husband who did a ton of dishes! I am grareful for my husband'sunderstanding of the house being a mess.I am also grateful to have known my husband's Grandma who has been gone a year this week.She loved Christmas and this year we know she is celebrating in heaven.As we celebrate Jesus this holiday we celebrate her and her life.

Three things I accomplished this week:
I volunteered at my kid's school.I survived 2 days of my husband not being home.I shoveled snow out of my driveway for 3 hours and now I am sore!

3 goals for this week:
1.Finish Christmas preparations and enjoy my family!
2.Slow down and create family memories.
3.Get my room clean before new year.

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