Monday, December 16, 2013

Meditation Monday-How can I beat the winter blues

I have been thinking if and how I wanted to write this post. I have been writing how positive we should be and how to be happy.It is a process.There are up and downs.Well weeks of sick kids and cold weather have really gotten to me.I am finding it hard to think positive or happy.I feel isolated and trapped.Why am I saying this,when I post uplifting posts.I am human.These posts represent my struggles and what I have found to work to dig me out when I feel like I am stepping into the dark.It is hard to admit when I can't seem to get out of it as easily just by changing my negative thoughts to positive.Do I stop?No,because positive thinking is a very powerful tool.

For example I can say to myself,tomorrow is a new day.The hard part is Simone close to me has pulled away.I have been fighting to keep them in my life.However I feel it is not reciprocated.When positive thoughts fail me I pray to stay positive and to be able to let go.I am not sure how much of this letting go I will reveal to you my readers but I hope to help someone who may be struggling like me.With Christmas so close I am slowing down the speed in which I post and taking some me time again.

Why do we fight to hold on when they are gone,either physically or mentally?It has turned into resentment and hurt.It has been creeping up on me slowly and now I am starting to see it affect other parts of my life.Maybe some of you can relate to.I find myself wanting winter to be over.I can try harder to stay busy but most friends are going out of town.

I plan to refocus my time to coming closer to the Lord and ponder when dark thoughts come that my Savior is there.I may have no friends or I may have wasted today but not tomorrow.

I decided to read through some Conference talks late this evening to see what I could find. I feel peace and a direction I want to go for tomorrow.I am studying to know what God's plan is for me.I am sure I will still battle the winter blues,but I will look for his light and the light within me.In the following talk by BARBARA B. SMITH given in General conference April 1982.She said

[A mother must consider the essential purposes of life. Leo Rosten, writer, scientist, professor, has made a statement that gives us purposes to ponder:

“Where was it ever promised us that life on this earth can ever be easy, free from conflict and uncertainty, devoid of anguish and wonder and pain? …

“The purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to have it make some difference that you lived at all. Happiness, in the ancient, noble sense, means self-fulfillment—and is given to those who use to the fullest whatever talents God … bestowed upon them.”

He continues: “Happiness, to me, lies in stretching, to the farthest boundaries of which we are capable, the resources of the mind and heart.” (This Week Magazine, 20 Jan. 1963, p. 2.)

A woman who must work to care for the needs of her children should learn the essential purposes of life and come to know the Lord and feel his love and direction. Then she can help her children know him and grow to feel secure in our Heavenly Father’s love.

Of all the creations of God, men and women are the ones that are to become as he is. We are his children. He has given us a plan, a model, and teachings that will help us gain his attributes.

We can learn to become like him as we use his ways to teach our children: establishing regular communications with them; listening, guiding, prompting; watching over them always; protecting but not manipulating; allowing them to learn by experience; correcting them in such a way that they learn to obey—not because it is our will, but because they have learned to do what is right to do to grow in wisdom.]

So inspiring right?I feel excited and ready for tomorrow.I must go bed and take care off myself so I can be a light to my children and not a mombie!

What do you do to help yourself with the winter blues?

Until next time,
Breathe,relax and be calm

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  1. Thank you for sharing your struggles. You are wonderful.