Thursday, December 26, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursdays

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!We sure did!Was it a whirlwind for you too?Most likely there is so much we want to do.We may even have unexplained energy.On our list of to do's is probably to take control of our homes again.Am I right?
The only thing I want you to do today is take time to record the memories!We will be taking lots of pictures for tank you cards.Then go around the house and in each room write down what needs to be done.While you are there with your pen,paper and your hope for a better year for 2014,pick up wrapping paper and remaining boxes.Make note of toys and things received and where you would like to put them.Don't put it away yet though!We are still playing and resting today.Oh yes and dreaming!

The second feeling is to make this feeling we have last all year!What if I told you you can!It is what I am calling my reaching in and reaching out.Let me explain because some of us are still so exhausted from our holidays!You might be wondering what I am talking about or if this is going to be one more thing you have to do!It should be enjoyable and help us be better and more kind,and giving.It will help us stretch and bring a little heaven into our home.It should feel like a breath if fresh air.I expect we will all take this journey differently.It is ok to slow down.We have a tendency to think of the New year as a time start over.This is great, however I want to make sure the goals we set aren't too ambitious and we burn out before the end of January!If this sounds good I hope you will be watching for my first post!I am really EXCITED! I hope you can feel my energy through my words!

It is about YOU,
                 FAMILY and making your HOME a heaven on earth.

Coming soon.......I am taking back my kitchen and finishing my command center!Here is what I bought today.........

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