Friday, January 3, 2014

File it Friday-What is next for 2014?

File this week under:What is next?

There is so many possibilities for this New Year!Who else has a lot of goals for 2014?Who want it to be the best and most productive year EVER!! I have so many people to thank for helping me through this year! My parents and sister helped out so much when the baby came.So many people watched our kids so we could go on dates.I am thankful to the Lord for all he has blessed me with!

3 things I accomplished this week
Spending tine with family and making memories has been so great this week.I managed to make meal plans and my husband went grocery shopping.I was able to help a sick friend by taking her kids and bringing dinner. It made me feel really good so I had to share.I also was able to get a hair cut!I haven't had one since May!

What didn't work this week:
I didn't get very much sleep because of a sick baby.I didn't have much energy to clean. There is next week right?;-)

3 goals
1.Start cleaning one cabinet in the kitchen at a time and paint.
2.Try to put me first a little each day.
3.Find a new hobby :-)
4.Read scriptures and pray every day.(This one should be first!)

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