Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 3 Day 16

"You only fail if you stop trying"

In this case instead of trying I want you to put dreaming.You only fail if you stop dreaming.A dream to me, is your heart speaking to you.Why don't we listen to our heart?I feel it is because we think because we are mothers or fathers we have to put everything on the back burner until the "right time".When is that exactly?We should live like the best is today!No more excuses or blaming people or circumstances. That's right! If you are living for today then yesterdays or the future don't exist.At least for the purpose of focusing on what you want to do for Today.A plan is good and preparing for the future also good.I am suggesting that living in the past and the future could be holding you back!Excuses such as I will wait until tomorrow or until I have more time.Do you feel like your chance has passed you by because of your age,money constraints or someone from your past who crushed your dream?
In high school I was in an art class which I loved!I was so excited at the end of the year to get all my art pieces back to treasure and show off.There was one piece that I worked on for months with using different techniques.I worked so hard on it!When I got my portfolio back it wasn't in there.I asked my teacher so anxious to see it again,and hold it.I still couldn't believe I had created it.Well she came back after looking  for a second and said it had been thrown away!What my prized piece?I felt a knot in my stomach.I was devastated!Then she told me it was ok,because it was crap anyway.Why didn't she just rip my heart out?I was crushed.My dance teacher in high school ripped me apart.After 11 years of dancing I gave up! That, and I needed to raise my grades.My whole life people have told me I couldn't do things because I was too small.It made me more determined!
"Your fingers are too small to play an instrument".......I play the piano and clarinet
"You can't play Soccer/basketball"I was great at defense.

Your past can ignite your passion or trample it.Ignite the fire inside and believe in yourself!If there is something in your past that is holding you back let it go!Live for the present.What you can do now!

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.”
― Alice Morse Earle

If you get a present don't you want to open it right away?It is hard to wait.Waiting to open our gift is like you are stuck where you are.Find out what is keeping you stuck?It is hard to not allow ourselves time to do what we want.By opening our present today what will we find?A SURPRISE!You have waited long enough!As you unwrap it imagine throwing away the wrapping.Throw away the negative from the past.Throw away the hurt and look inside your present.It is your dream.How does it feel to hold it and see it.Imagine it.Feel it.It can be real!
Take 15 minutes and START!Write down what you need to do.Do you need to change jobs?Do you need to start saving money?Maybe go back to school or start your own business?Maybe start a new hobby again?You have 15 minutes right?

Take all steps.An infant usually crawls before they walk.The whole process they fall down too!It is ok to start small.The main thing is you do a little bit each day toward your goal.

What I did.I just wrote until I couldn't think any more.I made a goal to have my book ready to publish by Spring.I need to look at where to go to find an agent and how to submit my book.I think to practice I want to bind it myself!

Reaching out-
I thought it would be fun to write a note on my babies diaper to my husband.When he changes the diaper there it is!What are ways you write notes to your kids or spouse?

To give your room more of a relaxing feel,bring in a little of nature.You can bring in a fountain,plant or flower.Think about the little touches to add to your room.

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