Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 5-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten free,dairy free,egg free,nut free,soy free diet)

The quest to find more ways to use the food continues.The Master and the young apprentice are growing weary of this whole process.I fear we may give in to the allergy side.

8-Today my green smoothie tasted much better with the quinoa in it.I just added more banana and some maple syrup.

10-apple with pumpkin seeds.The baby ate some sweet potato fries.

11:30-Both the baby and I had spaghetti.I had a salad with balsamic dressing and avocado and sunflower seeds.The baby had cooked avocado and cooked bananas.

2-exotic potato chips and pumpkin seeds.

4-Talked to dietitian and found out we need to give the baby a hypo allergenic formula to get everything he needs.It is super expensive,of course!I was also told to make sure he is getting protein,grain and fruits or vegetables.

6-We tried tonight.We had a chicken enchilada soup with corn tortilla chips and avocados.I gave the baby some chicken,corn tortilla and some peas.

9-I ate some more soup.The baby continues to be extremely itchy and scratching his face on the carpet.I hope his doctor calls me back.Nothing seems to be working!I bought new Euccerin cream to try because Aveeno doesn't seem to be helping.:(

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