Friday, March 14, 2014

Letters to my girl Friday-My battle this week!

This Friday has been an unusual one.My baby has not been able to eat hardly anything.He is one and has had chronic congestion,eczema,recurring staph infections.He has not slept because he is so itchy and his tummy hurts!It has been so hard not to be a negative Nelly!

We took him to an allergist.After doing the skin test we got our answers!It was great to know why he was suffering.When the doctor told me his results he might has well have smacked me in the face!Are you ready for this?......I certainly wasn't! He has not one,or two or  even three of the most common allergies but 8!!No milk,casein (protein found in milk),nuts,coconut),peanuts,soy,egg and wheat! What are we going to feed this kid?I also have to be on this strict diet until I can ween him off of nursing!

I felt all of the same fears and frustrations that I did when I found out I had celiac.I cried and cried.Anyone who asked me yesterday how I was doing I broke down!

Today has been finding meals and  snacks he and I can eat!It has taken me half the day!

7:30 or 8- So far I made gf pumpkin pancakes with applesauce(no eggs) and water.They were pretty good!Okay,so far this isn't too bad.I ate some chicken to get protein.

10-Been at the store and not feeling great.:(I need more protein!

12-Home from 2 stores and drank this all natural vitamin B-12 drink.I am taking a 7 day Zipfizz challenge to see if this will help me!

I also took calcium supplements.For lunch I had fajitas and spinach salad with vinaigrette.My baby had gf-ef-df-sf chicken nuggets and pears.I also introduced rice milk to him.

2-starving!Ate chicken and apple
3-Fed baby and starving again.The baby and I tried these new sweet potato fries. He loved them!I am still hungry though: (I am thinking should get some seeds for protein?!

5:30-Had a hand full of sunflower seeds after going to yet another store!Feeling less shaky and hungry now.At about 4 I really started to lose some energy.That is about 4 hours for the zipfizz to wear off.Not too bad.

6:30-Green beans and spaghetti,spaghetti sauce and sausage.
7:babies eczema is really bad.I think he might be having a reaction to torula yeast in the chicken nuggets.:(
Poor baby he was doing a little better up until now.

9-Baby is fed and now I am hungry again!Going to eat something and go to bed!

Tomorrow is another day!At least we got some things figured out.

I have so much to be thankful for!I am grateful to the allergist.I am thankful to God and my husband for being my support.I am also thankful to my bestie.All of this allergy stuff reminds me how she was there for me when I needed her.She didn't judge or ask for anything in return.

3 accomplishments
1.Kept my kitchen counters clean
2.Made a Spring wreathe and pillow cover.It was no sew!
3 planned out meals for the week when I was overwhelmed and had no clue what we would do.I just prayed and hoped!

3 goals for this week
1.Finish laundry
2.I have barely started Spring cleaning but I want to get dusting and baseboards done.
3.Make more time for me and my husband.More meditating and calm until we get these allergies figured out!

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