Saturday, April 12, 2014

Frozen birthday party

I couldn't find any frozen party items or dolls,NOTHING!I was so excited to find the poster!My favorite thing about the decorations was the ice in the back.Cool right?

I bought some tulle and lights to wrap around the table.My husband loved that he could use his staple gun!Be careful though with electrical equipment!

Game:I froze some of their treats to take home in ice so they had to chip away until they could get them.Those jewels are ice cubes I found at Target.

 We made these cute snowflake barrettes with this shimmery foam you can buy at Walmart.Then I let the girls decorate them with rhinestones.I even made one for me!;)Then I braided their hair like Elsa or Anna.The girls went wild asking me if they looked like Elsa and singing the movie songs!

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