Wednesday, April 2, 2014

International childrens book day

The weather has been cold and wet around here.What better way to enjoy a day inside then to make a fort and read books in it.

Today we made our own stories on is really easy and fun!You pick scenes and props and your text.If you have a reluctant writer in your family,have them give this a try!

For my Preschooler we read books.We read Silverlicious by Victoria Kann.

I read,That night I was ready...and then I asked my 3 year old what happens next.He looked confused.I told him he could re-write the ending.Does she catch Toothetina?He smiled and said she got caught in the net and broke her wings.Pinkalicious couldn't fix them so she asked her Dad,because he can fix anything!He did and put Toothetina in a jar and then put her in dinner!
Oh my!You can imagine my response.I asked him what happens if you eat a fairy?My oldest came in and said"All your teeth fall out and can't grow back!"
We had a good laugh and were very amused by this ending. 

For 1-2 year olds:teach the sign for book.My little man can say book.Exciting!Let them choose from several books.Let them take the lead.Toddlers love to hold the books and turn the pages.They try to imitate the sounds you make.The main thing at this age is repetition!

Happy reading!

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