Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2nd-31 days of May-keovers

May 2nd-
Yesterday, the assignment was to make a list of areas in your life that need may-keovers.How did you do?Here is my list.It is a start anyway.I probably will change things around knowing me.:)
  1. Write a list
  2. Kitchen 
  3. Meal makeover
  4. Toy takeover
  5. Learn to decorate with color
  6. Paper organization
  7. Chores
  8. Get to know my neighbors better
  9. Haircut 
  10. May-keover reveal pictures
  11. Happy Mothers Day!
  12. Wash face morning and night.Keep eyebrows plucked 
  13. Face
  14. Make up tricks 
  15. Use clothes I have.Toss what I don't wear
  16. Find my style
  17. Be more confident
  18. Stress less
  19. Get outside as much as you can
  20. Not yell
  21. Get sleep
  22. Wake up earlier
  23. Pedicure and buy new slippers
  24. Control of my time
  25. Relationship with husband
  26. Everyday connection
  27. Relationship with kids
  28. Friends 
  29. Soul searching
  30. Exercise
  31. Budget
  32. Positive thinking-letting go

Today's assignment:
Do something on your project list that you have been DYING to do like me,with my kitchen. If you don't have a list.Make one.Walk around your house and write what your dream for each room is.

Here is my kitchen.I don't have a before,but if you look at the top cupboards, that is what the bottom looked like.

Here is our progress.We painted the bottom sage and added knobs and handles.I cleaned up my kitchen for you all,Ok and me!

It is always a risk when you paint something.I have found looking at pictures of what direction I want to go is very helpful! There are so many sites you can visit on the Internet.I took bits and pieces of things I liked.Can't wait to be done!

Another added benefit is the excitement of this new change has given me the will power to de-clutter and toss a lot more.Give it a try!Change something up.It may be the change you need to get past whatever might be blocking you.

If you already love everything about your kitchen;take a step back.Maybe clutter is a problem.It always seems to get dumps in the kitchen at my house.Maybe you could add some flowers or decorative accent, for a pop of color.

Once you get your kitchen the way you want here is a how to clean your kitchen in 15 minutes to keep your kitchen looking nice and you,less frazzled. 


What are some things you have been putting off?Comment below.You never know who you might inspire!

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