Friday, May 9, 2014

May 8th-31 days of May-keovers

Whenever I need a change I usually want a haircut. I have a sweet little 3 year old that loves to twirl my hair.It can drive me crazy!Not to mention what it does to my hair!

Every time it is time to choose a haircut I look at tons of pictures and it is always so hard.I usually can't make up my mind until I am sitting in the chair and they ask me what I want.I panic!Do you ever have that happen?

I could end here and say go get your haircut.However how do you choose the perfect haircut.To me the logical choice is to learn about your face shape and what compliments you.  

Here is a post of how to pick a haircut for you face shape.After you choose, it lists what celebrity has the same face shape.

I am inspired by Audrey Hepburn.She has such a classic look from her head to your toes!She is my inspiration!

Once you know your face shape and your inspiration,there is one more thing for you to do before you are off to the salon.You must be able to say what you want and bring a picture!

Here are some terms you might here in a salon.

Today's assignment:
Cut your hair!Choose to do something different.You could change your color or your cut.Have you had bangs before. Decide after you research a bit,what will look good on you!Don't forget to ask whoever is cutting your hair for ways to style it!

See what I chose soon.........

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