Sunday, June 1, 2014

How to look within and change your thinking for May 31-31 days of May-keovers

This month has gone by so fast!I kinda got stuck  on the soul searching part.Have you ever just wanted a change but you are not sure where to start.I thought a logical place to start was on the outside.I got a haircut and tried different make-up and style.When I start looking inward,there is a lot more to look at.There is so much on my plate right now.My baby is so allergic to food and I am tied to the same diet so I can nurse him and sustain him.It is messing with my hormones, sleep and energy.If I could ask myself if I am truly happy.I would probably say not really.I think a lot if that is not always in my control.To combat this feeling and loss of control,lately I have been trying to do things I like a little each day.I am hoping this can help me better understand myself or at least keep me sane ;-) It really helps to try to be as happy as you can!Especially if those dark clouds of fear,discouragement,or self doubt roll in!

Winter was definitely the hardest!I hardly left the house or talked to anyone.The warm weather allows more freedom.I think my biggest fear is that I won't make any new friends or be forgotten when someone new comes along. I think it could be my house being a mess when they pop by for a visit.We all have our insecurities!Find where they are hiding in that secret corner of your mind.Take a look at it,maybe it isn't so big as you first thought.

Identity your fears and step out of your comfort zone-
I am not much of a morning person.I love to sleep in, stay comfy cozy in my bed,under my covers.Eventually I have to get up and start my day.It is the same with most people.We find this area where we are happy and comfy and we don't want to step out of our comfort zone.I can't stay in bed all day.We can't let our fears debilitate us either,then we are bedridden.

Make a plan-
The way I plan on stepping out of my comfort zone is to plan things to do,once a week, in groups and step out of my comfort zone.I want to brush up on my social skills and try to steer conversations away from my problems.Look for ways to be there for others.I just can't keep dwelling in the "I can't" moments.There are a lot of things I cannot eat right now.:-(

Look deep within for what you want-
Looking within is a two step process.First you have to pinpoint why you are not happy.Talk to your spouse or close friend.Next you  have to reprogram your thinking.This takes time.Turn a negative into a positive!There is a lot of opportunity for me to reinvent foods.I could see it as a culinary adventure.I can't eat this, but I can eat A,C,and B.

Commitment my friend-
Changing these thoughts is hard to do so you have to commit fully to it!As you walk toward your fears and comfort zone, you might just find your dreams,or next adventure.It take one step and one thought at a time.Don't rush it,just want the change.It is the only way you will internalize it enough to make it a lasting change!

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