Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer of Success-Week 1

Devotional-A dime for a dollar
I want to teach the kids about money and the importance if paying tithing,or one tenth of what they earn.(We will be doing more with money tomorrow)

Preschool while older kids do chores.
We talked about his name and practiced saying it.Letter:D-practice writing it,read from Richard Scary's fun with words.Talk about days of the week and dinosaurs.We talked about days Mon-Sun and how there is usually 30 days in a month.This month is June.

Songs we sang are found:here

All kids:
Writing prompt- If my kids had a pet dinosaur,what would they do with it?Source:here

Even my Preschooler can scribble in a journal.Then I write down what his picture is about.

Experiment with how environment effects cold blooded dinosaurs.

We are making Dino-mite journals,by making journal pockets. It is easy!Cut out the pocket to some jeans.Glue it on and decorate!

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