Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer of Sucess-Week 6,Day 2

Happy Teddy bear picnic day.We had a blast with our star and stripes grilled cheese and my daughter's tea set!

Us with our bears
This is my son's reindeer, Sven.We have the Frozen fever too!Ahhhhh

Who says it has to be the fourth of July to be patriotic!I love my patriot bear!Tomorrow is the last day of patriot camp.My oldest kids continue to write about what they have learned.My 4th grader is working on his multiplication table and learning the 13 colonies to first gain their independence.

We will work more on spelling and writing for my 2nd grader.

For my Preschooler we looked at the alphabet to see what letter he recognizes and practice writing his name.

5 more weeks until my babies go back to school!!Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are!

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