Saturday, August 16, 2014

Airplanes, trains and cars(Letter P and T)-preschool and toddler lesson

Devotional: scripture road signs
Letter:P and T
For letters we are looking for recognition before we move on.I may add another,but only if it is one requiring a straight line.Letters like B,L,K,H,F,D,I,R and E.My plan is to use lots of cars and trains, Lego's and ninjago, since that is what my boys are interested in.We will really be focusing on writing and reading.Recognition, recognition, recognition! 
Here to kick off the fun is our creation. This is P.T.He is part plane and part Train.He is helping my boys learn the letters P and T.We are getting ready for Kindergarten next year!
 We played with blocks,which could take up the full time anyway.
 All aboard the snack express!
Why not add some education right?We played is it a plane or a train?If it is a plane he went into the hanger marked P.If it was a train it went to station T.

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