Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to shop thrift stores and be fashionable

Tonight I went out on a much needed girls night.The idea of this night was to shop at thrift stores and still be fashionable......

I went thinking that I wouldn't find anything but that was not the case!However I gravitated toward what I always buy.As a group we all tried a new look.I was supposed to find something more boxy instead of fitted.It really helped to have different opinions of what looks good.I was skeptical but I will try it!The most memorable thing I learned tonight:

#1-Don't be afraid to try something new!It is exciting when your friends are energetic about your choices of clothes;like a rally!

I learned a few other things too!

#2-Anything is more fun when you bring friends.In addition they can help you pick things that look good. :-)

#3-Shop before the actual season.Shop for winter clothes at the end of summer, and Spring clothes at the end of winter.

#4-I still don't like scarves.It may be because I don't know how to make it look good either.

#5-Know your wardrobe so you don't buy something you have nothing to go with.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update for September

September is coming to an end.The colors of fall are creeping into our trees.I love this time of year!I have to get more creative as the weather gets more chilly.The colors and weather are not the only change for me!Depression kicks in too!
As I mentioned before it is the "ber" or brrrrrrrrrr months!I need to remember to count my blessing. I need to make memories with family. I need to try to remember not to become a hermit! So how did I do on my intentions so far?

  1. Exercise at least once a week
  2. Finish de-cluttering Toy room and organize
  3. Go through clothes and find out what we need for winter
  4. Do something toward Christmas planning,shopping or just thinking about it once per week.
  5. Temple 1/ month and dates with hubby
  6. Plan dates with kids
  7. Trim trees and bushes

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Intro to geography and 7 continents-Letter L and E(preschool and toddler lesson)

Devotional:We are still reading general conference talks

Letters:L and E

Story:Bernstein Bears beware of strangers.We talked about stranger danger and what to do if you get lost.Mama bear compares strangers to a bushel of apples.How can we tell a good apple from a bad apple?.........cut it open
We did some basic fraction by cutting the apple.We ate them after. Of course ;-)

We talked about the earth and how most of it is ocean. There is some land.Next we introduced the 7 continents with the continent song.

I showed where we are on a map. I had my boys look at a photograph. It is small right?We are bigger.The picture is a smaller version of us,just like a map is a smaller version of the earth.(Link and other ideas found here)Next,my Preschooler pick where he wanted to go first on.....

A GLOBE that we made!!!I am quite excited about it!I took a Styrofoam ball and spray painted blue.Then I made North America and South America with felt.Yes the stand is a banana holder.I got the idea to use felt from here.There is a lot of ways for my toddler to enjoy the colors and textures of this globe.

Next,week we are off to Mexico!Let's find it on my globe.:-)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

4 ways to protect yourself and prepare for trials

My week this week can be narrowed down to one word "flood".I have felt a flood of emotions and also,had my basement flood, due to a monsoon like rain.

First, I was exhausted from my Saturday.I had too much on my plate and none of it was getting my house in order.All of it was good and we had a great time but my house remained in its current state of messiness.In addition my baby is still struggling with eczema on his face,and rubbing it on the carpet.He can even say "itchy" or "ouchey".My poor guy!

My daughter has also had stomach aches. She is stressed it seems,and doesn't want to go to school.Her best friend is in a different class.It is like her world is coming to an end!She has been tired and defiant. The dreaded "I hate you" and "you are the worst Mom ever" have exploded from her sweet lips.My heart has been breaking!I felt like the worst Mommy ever!

Next,I had a very sweet experience on Sunday.This person asked me all the questions I had so desperately been praying for.It was as if my loving Heavenly Father was speaking to me,reassuring me!The tears were streaming down my face as a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Tuesday like Winnie the Pooh's blustery day,the rain came down down down.I found water in my basement and the tears came again.Again,I felt I couldn't do this on my own!My fingers rapidly dialed my neighbors.Just like the rain came pouring down,so did my neighbors.They came and helped in anyway they could.By the end of the day a big bowl of peach cobbler had my name on it!I might gain 10lbs just from this week!!

I believe that the protection used for floods can also have relevance in protecting us from overflowing with stress or sadness.Don't get me wrong,it is important to work through your feelings and allow time to do so.I am merely suggesting trying to avoid the overload, where we are no longer in control.There are 4 ways to protect ourselves in case of a flood.

1.Most dams are used for flood control. They are kept at a certain level in anticipation of a heavy rain season or snow melting.If we can figure out and keep our lives from being too full to the point we might break;then we can be more prepared when the torrential rains of life pour down.Like the famous quote says "when it rains,it pours".Find areas of your life you may have too much going on.Is there anything you can change or eliminate.

2.Canals are also a well known way of flood control.These canals divert water as our thoughts can be diverted.We can divert negative thoughts into positive ones.As we divert these negative thoughts our mind is at less of a risk of flooding with too much emotion.A pen and paper is a great canal for our minds.

3.There are various systems,gates or barriers whose job is to act based on the water levels.I wish there was an automatic way to know when life is getting to be too much.I think that is where family and friends come in to play.They are ready and waiting to help.We just have to ask,which is really hard to do!

4.Sand bags are very effective and can protect our homes.These sand bags can be things we do daily to stay strong.Our spiritual "sand bags" can be prayer,scripture reading and spending time with family.

Whether it is a flood because of a natural disaster or a trial in life ;we need to protect ourselves and stand strong.We need to do this individually and as a family.It is a lot harder to take care of damage to property or to our heart and psyche.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Transportation theme-Letter B and D

Devotional: It is a month until our October General Conference. We are reading last April's General Conference talks as a review.We talked about Jeffrey R Hollands talk.I had the kids write down what they are going to do to strengthen their testimony and be a better disciple of Christ.

Letters:B and D

The idea for this months activities is to talk about the world and maps.What better way to introduce the world then to make a rocket and pretend to go into space.

We looked at satellite views of the earth and introduced the U.S. continent. We also watched some rockets taking off.We talked about Jesus creating the earth.I want him to understand that our world is made up of continents,states,cities,neighborhood and his home.We will see how this all comes together. :-) It always seems more clear in my head!

Story:Fun to learn counting by Sue Graves

Music and movement:
 He has the whole world in his hands.
Jump like rockets and countdown.

Craft:instructions here.If you look close you can see rocks holding up Lego guys and a green alien. 

 Next week we will start our journey.Where will we go.............?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Intentions- A time to remember

It is a new month!I love a fresh start!Some of my August list rolled over to September.This is the month I really started preparing for those "ber" months or brrrrrr months.Christmas will be here before I know it.If I do a little each week I should be prepared! The key word here is "should".So here are my intentions for this month.I want to remember as time gets busy to do a little each week to bless my home,family,and some time for myself.

  1. Exercise at least once a week
  2. Finish de-cluttering Toy room and organize
  3. Go through clothes and find out what we need for winter
  4. Do something toward Christmas planning,shopping or just thinking about it once per week.
  5. Temple 1/ month and dates with hubby
  6. Plan dates with kids
  7. Trim trees and bushes