Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Intentions for December -Remember to serve others

I was struck by a to do list that someone shared on Facebook. In the list she wrote:
Buy BE presents
Buy DONATE food
Wrap gifts someone in a hug
Send gifts PEACE
Make cookies LOVE
See BE the lights

This is really what the holidays are about GIVING of ourselves and FAMILY.We only have one more of the "ber" months. Let us REMEMBER those in need and not too busy with buying that we miss opportunities to serve.We like to get most if not all our shopping done before Thanksgiving. It is not always easy but we have so much more time for each other! What will your to do list look like now?Maybe

Buy presents for a child in need
Donate money to cancer children
Write a letter to someone
Don't get too wrapped up in hustle and bustle
Make cookies for a neighbor

1.Get outside daily
2.Exercise once a week.This sadly has been on my list for a while, but unless you want to count chasing my kids around,then sadly I have failed.:-(
3.Take a day each week to have nothing going on and just be with my family.
4.Write list of all activities  we want to do for December 
5.Choose a few service projects to do with my family.
6.Get rid of visible clutter
7.Keep my kitchen counters clear!

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