Monday, January 12, 2015

Reaching out and reaching in-3 ways to stress less (Week 3)

Are you guilty of saying...

"Because I said so!"

"I will give you to the count of 3..

"Do it now!"

Sound familiar?Yes we all in the have said these to our children before we yell and have reached our breaking point.Usually these words are in desperation because we feel out of control. In these moments we don't usually stop and think about what we should do next.We are impulsive and feel like a raging forest fire.This is due to our bodies response to stress, known as the fight or flight.It was necessary when, primitively, you need to get away from an animal.However, now we elicit the same fight or flight response for every day Health
How can I stress less and be more calm?
 stress, like our kids not listening to us.Our bodies defend us from what is triggered in our brain as a tiger or other intimidating things.When in reality it is our children yelling at us not a tiger! So this week is about relieving tension and not engaging in fights with my kids and giving them much more choices.By doing so I hope it will change their reactions as well!

How can I stress less and be more calm?I have still been exercising.I also have been getting up early.My newest endeavour is to do yoga before bed.
Why don't we wait and ask ourselves 5 questions to ask before we yell at our children ? The first question suggested is important right now?So I am going to ask this question to ground me and help me think before I react!

I think de-cluttering is a stress reliever.I have been happy all week trying to keep my entryway warm and inviting. My room needed a change to.I have been looking for a way to organize my earrings.I love this sweet find at Hobby Lobby! I even have a chalkboard to write inspiration on!

Whew I feel less stressed already!;)
How do you like to get rid of stress?

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