Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer of Sucess week 1-Day 3

May 27th-Bugs Theme
Devotion-Life is like a game
Book of Mormon is like a book of rules that  make you happier. Rules in life make you happy. Why all the rules?
“The gospel is counsel from a living Father who says to His children: “This is what you can become if you take my advice—and this is what will happen if you don’t. The choice is yours.” Elder Richard L. Evans
Elder Evans starts with a simple question."Don’t you think the commandments should be rewritten?” The answer was, “No, they should be reread.” The commandments are there and have been through the ages. Ignoring them has only proved to bring unhappiness and frustration.

He gives some good advice.

Some Good Advice

Love and respect your parents. They’ve given you life. They’d die for you. Confide in them.
Respect yourselves. Respect God and the knowledge He has given.
Don’t gamble with life. It is all we have.
Don’t tempt temptation. Don’t foolishly see how close you can come to danger or evil, how close you can come to a precipice. Stay away from what you shouldn’t do or where you shouldn’t go or what you shouldn’t partake of.
And if you’ve turned toward some dead end or down some wrong road, turn back as quickly as you can—not later than right now—and thank God for the principle of repentance.
Talk about for the Faith in God pamphlet
Skill: Talk about setting goals. Have the kids set personal goals. My kids decided to memorize 1 articles of faith a day and to work on religious knot for scouts. My oldest wants to work on one requirement per week. There are 7!
I am also working on my oldest turning in his homework. To start  I am focusing on what it means to be ready for the day and be ready to be successful. This means:
  1. What do they think it means to be successful at school?
  2. Set up a spot for all their papers and have them be responsible for them. One of the rules is homework is not done until it is put away!
  3. organize not just shove things in back pack-I want to have some sort of homework due. Even thought they are not going to school. I want them to have their back packs, hang them up and turn in a small assignment I give them on Monday. Then they turn it inn on Friday and get a sticker. 10 stickers and they get a prize!
  4. Teach them to use a planner and break big tasks into small.
  5. Sticky notes are your friend! Write and post that it is due and put it in a place you won't forget.

Writing-word scrambles

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