Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer of Sucess week 2- Day 2 and 3

June 2
Devotional-The opponent
Satan is the great deceiver, liar, and enemy to all that is good, including our happiness and our well-being. His great desire is to thwart our Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness and make us “miserable like unto himself” (2 Ne. 2:27). Being the very author and perpetrator of deceit, he in effect would invite us to join him in his snipe hunt, to fill our bags with excitement, fun, popularity, and the so-called “good life.” But his promises are as illusionary as the nonexistent snipe. What he really offers are lies, misery, spiritual degradation, and loss of self-worth.

Skill: Morning routine and listening

Activity -Help kids understand the self-contained aspect of ecosystem. What supplies would you need to survive in their rooms for a day? What about if the whole family or 16?
  • calculate the amount of food, water, paper, oxygen, etc. to live in the classroom for a day.
  • you can't refrigerate or cook any food and that electricity would be limited. Encourage students to think of any resource problems that truly exist in the world today and to list ways to solve and remedy such problems
It was a good practice on multiplication and division. My soon to be 3rd grader needs to practice her multiplication math facts.
    My oldest son ran and got the bunny just for back up. Ewww we are not eating the bunny!
    It has been really tough to get the kids to help out so  am trying something ne tomorrow.......

    See what it is like for my kids to be Mom for a day!

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