Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer of sucess week 4 lesson plans

Today I kind of had a mental health day after I broke down into a puddle of nothingness. I am trying to get to the bottom of my anxiety and worry and I have come to the conclusion that I am too controlling and a perfectionist. This also makes me a pretty prideful woman because I always need to be right. The scriptures warn us against pride in all its forms. So now what? I pretty much feel that I have a lot of work to do now. Somehow I need patch up all the relationships I have inadvertently been trying to control and help my children use their leadership or "strong willed" selves and cultivate that side of them. No pressure though! Ha ha!

I have been thinking a lot about horses lately and how you need to break a horse so you can ride them. I feel maybe that is what I have been doing with trying to force my children and husband to do things my way. I am not trying to pressure my kids to be perfect but to have them help more around the house. Pressure might be exactly what they are feeling though. There are many values my children already possess that I may not be putting enough emphasis on developing. My unnecessary worrying might also be messing with my child's self esteem, despite my best intentions. Am I angry at them for not doing or completing what I ask? I don't think I am asking too much really, but my execution may need some sprucing up. What if I just let go of the reins and hold my arms out and close my eyes. My children may take over and surprise me. Also in learning more about horses I notice that they have a built in love of doing different things and quick learning habits. There are jumping horses, barrel racing or track horses. If the trainer is aware of the learning characteristics of a particular horse things go much faster and are less stressful too.Kids have built in abilities too and they hate disappointing their parents, despite if they rebel or not. As a mother I am suppose to train them up in the way that they shall go. There is a training tool for horses called Longing. This is a technique for training horses, where they are asked to work at the end of a line and respond to commands. I know horses think differently then humans but I like the techniques and it is very interesting. It is about building trust with your horse and never punishing them. Some horses are very high strung and need a lot of exercise. My kids are pretty wild. As parents we set boundaries as a trainer does with its horse. Except my kids do not want to respond to my commands so it feels like we are running in circles all day.

Yee haw! So I guess I am starting from square one, this is my connection with my kids, so they feel they can trust me. It is our connection to our children and those around us that matter. I need to let go of worry and my expectations, thereby loosening the reins or not using them at all. Then I can help them feel comfortable with the routine of things. They may need exercise before they can sit down and be teachable. This is a long way of saying that I am not sure what I will be able to get out of them school wise. We will definitely keep reading and writing and getting my Kindergartner ready! We missed a lot of last weeks activity so check out week 3 lesson plans.
The devotionals this week will be:

June 15th
Devotional- The formula part 1

June 16th
Devotional- The formula part 2

June 17th
Devotional- How to share part 1

June 18th
Devotional- How to share part 2

June 19th
Devotional- We are all connected

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