Monday, February 15, 2016

Mama said there would be days like this

I have been a little neglectful of my blog lately. When you hear why I think that you will forgive me.....maybe?
 First, I have really been trying to get rid of clutter. I have been working so hard that my body keeps quitting on me and I have to take a few days to rest. Such is the life of a chronically ill person. If people really knew what it took for me to get up and out the door most mornings; then maybe, just maybe they could understand me a little more. I have been judged so many times by my house keeping. Everything I do I have to work at. I have to work to keep healthy. I have to work to keep up on the house and keep up the peace. A friend brought me a note and a gift. The note said Mama said there would be days like this. DON'T GIVE UP! The Lord will help you. Mama didn't tell me there would be weeks, months like this! Does anyone else feel a little overwhelmed with life right now? I know the Lord is helping me but why do I keep having to look my depression, illness and other demons in the face? I am gripping to hope and reading my scriptures and praying for help with my children and just staying afloat.

Not to mention I feel a heavy weight to keep up a happy face and keep trying to make my home a heaven on earth. I have a child right now that is anxious and has a lot going on in his/her little brain. It has caused so much extra energy just to keep it together. Sometimes I lose it. One day it hit me that just because my kids are acting like monsters, I don't have to. I can still try to turn it around. There are 2 choices. You can either be an atmosphere angel or an atmosphere beast. What do I mean by that?  We as wives and mothers can set the tone for our home. We have the ability to use our inner beauty, talents and abilities to make our home that place, that heaven on earth.  We can be a promoter for good and be the back up our family needs.  Also within us are also our tendencies to become angry and frustrated. It is the part of us that  temporarily loses feeling and kindness. We are more likely to see problems and look at our loved ones as the contributors.

President Monson says "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."

I love this!

 Which ones are you? Are you more angelic or beast like most times?

Yes, my friends, each day is a choice. You have a choice to make the best of your day. You choose how you act and what you say. You don't have control over what others do, illness, or events in the day. However we can fight and not give up. Tomorrow is another day. My only hope is that my words will bring some comfort to you and know that you are not alone. That friend that you may be comparing yourself to, the one you feel you can't measure up to, they are not as perfect as you think. What changes have you been wanting to make, but you keep falling short of your desired result? I have a few. It is time that my happiness blueprint gets a remodel. I am making some major changes and it is going to take time. Any one who has remodeled their home knows it is time consuming and hard work. I already feel like a wrecking ball has swept through my home so hopefully the hardest part is over! I am pulling it all out and putting in all new products. You don't want to see the before pictures though! ;)

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