Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Letter of the week L

Let"s talk about the letter L.....

We sounded out the letter L and then we looked through the magazine and cut out pictures that started with L,like the Lorax,leaf,lion, and light.Again cutting is good for the fine motor skills.Rowie just glued stuff on paper.

Circle time we added Mary had a little lamb.I went to clip art and printed little lambs and taped them to a Popsicle stick and that was it.While they sang they danced with their little lambs.I like to do things that don't take a lot of time.It's not laminated and fancy I just use things that I have around the house mostly.

Reading: This was a very relatable to our families and sweet book. It is called Will you still love me?By Rick Walton It is about a boy who asks his Dad if he will still love him if he broke a window?  The Dad  tells him he would be sorry and what he could  do to make up for it. Then he says "I will always ,love you."We talked about how I would always love them no matter what they did.They are never bad kids but they may make bad choices. We can always make it right again.

Centers: I added Legos,to art,books

Here are more fun signs and since we are learning about language that starts with L

Boy Cousin

Girl Cousin

My kids have really been so great this week sharing especially with their younger brother.There had been a lot more complimenting and listening to Mom and Dad.They did try to put a shirt on our dodg, T-bone and trap him so we had to talk about being kind to animals ,and not pulling them by the tail or picking them up incorrectly and being too rough. I would dare say that the kindness bug is in our house and it is ccontagious!

Tommorow we will do counting lambs, not sheep ,light,and have dramatic play at the library!

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