Sunday, November 30, 2014

25 days to a more Christ centered home

Each year I try to make Christmas and its focus more about Christ.Last year we had daily devotionals.I am trying it again,starting with what the tree symbolizes and how it all leads to Christ.(see more by following the link above)

We made our countdown chain.Simple!

I hid the baby Jesus for the kids to find and talked about how we are all searching to be with him someday and follow his light to get us there.

I also gave our family the challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days.At first the kids thought they couldn't do it.Then we all sat down and read and they wanted to keep going! What better way to come to know Christ,then to read the scriptures! 
Day 1-1Nephi 1-11

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I am my own worst enemy-How to stop comparing and be more confident in yourself

I have been in a funk lately,complete with random mood swings and crying.In fact,if someone met me they would not see the real me.Who knows what would set me off.I am a walking bomb. It is like I am not in control of myself any more.Somewhere, along the mountain of stress and pulls on my time,I lost sight of my happiness blueprint. I not only lost sight of it but I crumbled it up and stomped on it!This is all metaphorically speaking,of course.Also,I want to point out that this craziness did not happen overnight. Who's fault would this be?....Me,myself and I!

Does this sound familiar?

Over the last few years it has been sneaking up on me.I thought I was past the ugly doom cloud, depression. The truth is no matter how you look on the outside; on the inside there is an inner struggle that is unseen to the naked eye.We are the hardest on ourselves.This negative thinking can happen without us even being fully aware it is happening.

Who do you compare yourself to?What are your weaknesses?Do you see only your imperfections? Are you feeling rushed,busy and uneasy?Do you think your house is too messy compared to your neighbors? I think you get the idea,right?

I am still letting it all sink in.As winter is nipping at our doors I find myself wanting to go home.I want to go to my beaches and soak up the sun.The beach is my happy place.For this reason I have decided to take some advice from the ocean.

#1 Be patient and "shore" of yourself

Shores are influenced by its surrounding landscape, as well as by constant erosion from the waves.Are we any different? We are shaped and influenced by people,places and things around us.Life can take a lot out of us,until bit by bit,we are changed.This change can be slow or drastic.It can eat away at us.So how can we accept this change and be strong?

The answer is simple, but the execution of this process is ongoing.....

 Do not allow any negativity from any outside influence matter to you.

Obstacles and barriers will come into our lives.If you focus and worry about these trials, your perspective is blocked.They seem too big and you are swallowed up by the enormity of it all. If you on the other hand relax and tell yourself reassuring things,you often realize that those problems and negative feelings are a creation of your own mind.

My challenge this week is to tell yourself how awesome you are and to dream and see all that is available to you.I want you to wake up and think these happy thoughts.I hope this positive self talk trickles into writing several goals down.Have confidence in your abilities. Ask God to show them to you.He can help you see,for he sees you for all that you are and will be!Get to know who you are!When you truly know yourself and what you want out of life;you will have more confidence in yourself and what you can do!

Here are a few more hints if you are having trouble seeing your best qualities.

  • Think about what people have complimented you on before.
  • What did you used to be good at? 
  • Who do you admire?What qualities do they possess that you would like to develop?
Whether you are stuck,depressed or just overwhelmed,give this a try and soon you will see all the amazing things you can do.Yes, YOU have an important part to play in life.Life is too short to waste.Start now!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November intentions-Remember to be grateful

It is November and brrrrr our nights and mornings are getting chilly.We had the power go out last week.We made dinner on our grill and set out candles.We have 2 fire places too!It was wonderful for us all to be together.This time of year is about being with family and remembering to be grateful.

Here is last months intentions. Whoops I only got a few of those marked off.I did take several bags to the D.I. though!

1.Look ahead the next 4-6 months.Mark important dates in Calendar.
2.Check my Christmas budget and gift lists.Also,buy tape and paper.
3.Take family Christmas card photo.
4.Plan dates with husband and kids.
5.Plan 15 minutes in morning and evening to myself.
6.Exercise once per week.
7.Prune trees and bushes.
8.Finish covering my living room chairs.

Here is my revised list......Look familiar? :-P
1.Look ahead the next 4-6 months.Fall is the beginning of unpredictable weather and busy schedules.
2.Check my Christmas budget and gift lists.Also,buy tape and paper.
3.Take family Christmas card photo.
4.Plan dates with husband and kids.
5.Plan 15 minutes in morning and evening to myself.
6.Yoga and meditation at least once per week.
7.Finish organizing toys and hopefully(fingers crossed),getting rid of lots of them.
8.Re-discover what I love.What are my passions?What did I used to love?Writing a book has always been a dream...