Saturday, March 29, 2014

Im leaving on a jet plane-How I survived with a 1 and 3 year old!

Alright my readers.....Are you ready for my adventures this week? Those of you who are just starting out here need to know a few things.About a month ago my Mother had a heart attack and then had to have a triple bypass surgery.After I cried and stressed about dropping everything to see her pre-surgery,I jumped in our car with my whole family to see her!

About a month later she is revelling in her second chance at life.Recovery has had some complications but she is using her time to identify family pictures from her childhood and write her story/biography of her life,particularly her time living in a light house. you are caught up and must know what I did this week.Ready?.....

I flew on a plane just me and my 2 littlest men in my life.That is right?!Ahhhh!We had this trip planned to come see my family before all this happened with my Mom.So I loaded up suitcases and the stroller and 2 car seats and we boarded the plane.It is not easy to carry a baby,diaper bag,preschoolers back pack and his car seat!We got settled,wiped the seat,trays,seat belts down as to avoid any germs trying to hitch a ride with us back to my Mom.A flight attendant during the whole mask speech,you know,put your mask on before the kids?Well she informed me that we couldn't be in a car seat in front of the exit and we would have to switch.Now let me stop there and take back that deep breath I let out as I let my aching,tight limbs sink in my chair......

What happened next was my baby screaming in that same flight attendants arms as I made what laughingly she called an "easy switch".I envisioned the rolling of the eyes of my fellow passengers and the annoyed glances at me or my inconsolable child.All drama aside we made it!The baby slept most of the way and my preschooler became my little hero.He was so good and talked the whole 2 hours about the plane and what he saw out the window.Too cute and a proud Mommy moment.:)

When we got to my house the baby took off crawling,zooming and exploring.My sisters cats ran and hid for their lives!My preschooler enjoyed familiarity.

We have been enjoying our trip,just relaxing at my childhood home.My 1 year old has decided to be afraid the minute I leave the room.Screaming if someone picks him up.This makes ordinary tasks very difficult.The bladder is only so big!

We fell asleep well after Midnight in very comfortable sleep number beds.To be honest I could have slept anywhere!

The next day we relaxed.My baby,who never naps,took a 4 hour nap!My other little co-pilot snuck out of quiet time,while I slept.He played his heart out with his Grampy.

Another highlight of the trip was finding and making my first gluten free,egg free and milk free cake.We found a mix and chocolate chips that were also free of those allergens as well.We made a ganache to go on the cake.Well I was overzealous in pouring and it pooled over the sides!Not very pretty huh?

It was still really good and the first dessert I have had in weeks!The baby loved it too!He also ate dinner that night!Double score!

Here is a better picture of the cake!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 2-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten,egg,dairy,peanut,tree nuts and soy free diet.)

Apprentice asks
               "Yoda,how do I eat this?"
Yoda's response
        "Use the fork"

Image from Darth Vader and son by Jeffrey Brown

He likes rice noodles

Lately I have seen small glimpses of hope for us on this journey.This change has been hard and challenged my every last ounce of strength!Each day is a real battle to give him medicine to calm what I can only call his angry skin down.While his rash is not as bad he constantly rubs his face,on the floor,my shirt,and anything he can!It interrupts his sleep and enjoyment in activities.It breaks my heart!

Each day is different.Some days he won't eat anything and is fussy and I get nothing done!He won't drink the formula and he bites me when I feed him.

What am I to do??

The only thing I can do,pray and KEEP trying!On nights like tonight it is hard to think of going through all this again tomorrow.Honestly I stopped blogging about it because it has been so discouraging.I feel alone in this.I feel so worn out most of the time.I don't say this to complain but to maybe help others who are fighting the same battles!I fear the unknown.How many of us deal with some unknown in our life?All of us!What is your battle?What do you sacrifice?What did you have to CHANGE?

As long as I can continue to see the light at the end of this tunnel I can keep moving forward.I may take a few baby steps or a giant leap.I look forward to that giant leap.Our challenges are different,but they are challenges!So I am not alone,because we all have hard times in our life.Keep trying!Keep going forward!

This is totally off topic,but I discovered a new way to Spring clean!Take one curious toddler.Add a cabinet or drawer.In a few seconds cupboards are bare.Check out my clean cupboards!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Letters to my girl Friday

Dear Friday,

It has been a week since we found out that the baby has so many food allergies.It has been a battle to get him to eat or drink from a cup.It has been very frustrating and exhausting.I have Heavenly Father to thank for making it through all this.I have also had a lot of support from my husband, friends and family.Many have let me vent and cry my little heart out.To you all I say Thank you!

3 accomplishments
I have not done much because of this huge change in our life.I paid the bills,planned new meals and blog.I did manage to get myself to bed early most nights.

3 goals next week
1.finish up detailed meal planning.This includes Breakfast,lunch,snacks and dinner.
2.Caught up on laundry.
3.Exercise 10 minutes a day and get outside more.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 5-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten free,dairy free,egg free,nut free,soy free diet)

The quest to find more ways to use the food continues.The Master and the young apprentice are growing weary of this whole process.I fear we may give in to the allergy side.

8-Today my green smoothie tasted much better with the quinoa in it.I just added more banana and some maple syrup.

10-apple with pumpkin seeds.The baby ate some sweet potato fries.

11:30-Both the baby and I had spaghetti.I had a salad with balsamic dressing and avocado and sunflower seeds.The baby had cooked avocado and cooked bananas.

2-exotic potato chips and pumpkin seeds.

4-Talked to dietitian and found out we need to give the baby a hypo allergenic formula to get everything he needs.It is super expensive,of course!I was also told to make sure he is getting protein,grain and fruits or vegetables.

6-We tried tonight.We had a chicken enchilada soup with corn tortilla chips and avocados.I gave the baby some chicken,corn tortilla and some peas.

9-I ate some more soup.The baby continues to be extremely itchy and scratching his face on the carpet.I hope his doctor calls me back.Nothing seems to be working!I bought new Euccerin cream to try because Aveeno doesn't seem to be helping.:(

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 4-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten free,dairy free,egg free,nut free,soy free diet)

My young apprentice has been training for days.The battle is continuing between our food and allergens.I am finding the true war is within.

7:30-I only had time for a bowl of corn chex cereal with rice milk.I also grabbed some pumpkin seeds as I went out the door.It is a lot harder without my hubby here to help.

9-I made some quinoa and put it in my green smoothie this morning.It wasn't too bad but I need to blend it more.You can find more green thickie recipes here

The down side to these smoothies is it takes a while to drink.Then I had to nurse the baby because he won't eat normal food today.:(

11:30-Some leftover sausage and potato with apples and onions.Not sure what I am going to eat for a snack.Yes this is where my time goes.......After I eat I am thinking about what I will eat next.

2-I am starving!I ate some pumpkin seeds and these exotic potato chips.They are yellow,blue red and orange.

3-Corn chex cereal with bananas and strawberries with rice milk.The baby had some sweet potato fries!

6-The baby and I ate rice noodles with chicken.I put a sauce of 1cup beef broth,1tbsp balsamic vinegar,some ginger and sesame seed oil.Yummy!He still won't stop rubbing his face on the carpet though!It is so frustrating!

A little cereal with rice milk and bananas and off to bed and some more pumpkin seeds.I also soaked in Epsom salt bath which felt great!

I need more ideas for snacks and a maid!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 3-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten free,dairy free,peanut free,soy free diet)

The food fights back.Our young apprentice is learning to use the food!The rebel allergens are hiding somewhere on the planet kitchen.My thoughts are starting to betray me.I worry about the power of the allergy side.Soon my young apprentice will also learn the power of the food and step away from the allergy side.

8-leftover dinner and a green smoothie.The baby ate some too!

12-baby was very eager to eat and had spaghetti with me and a little rice milk.I am sad to say that this will be my last day of Zipfizz.I did not realize it has green tea and caffeine in it.It really does pack a punch but I am worried about the effects it will have on the baby.I think I could do some of the ingredients on my own in a smoothie or something.I have had so much energy and can clean with gusto until the baby gets into something!I guess the experimenting continues!

3-Pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin seeds and a salad with spinach, olive oil vinaigrette and sunflower seeds.I am not feeling to good.I am wondering what I should eat next and if I am getting all the vitamins I need.This is such a shock to my system but I have to stop cold turkey for the baby!I am feeling overwhelmed!

5-The rest of the night just got worse.I ended up with a migraine so my husband had to take over.The baby didn't sleep well at all and I broke down hysterical.The babies face does look better but he is still really itchy.I don't know if my writing is conveying the major low I was at yesterday.I hope I got it out of my system for the week.I have too much to do!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 2-What am I going to feed this kid?(The saga of the gluten free,dairy free,peanut free,soy free diet)

Not so long ago in a home far far away a battle of the food vs allergies wages on...........(Are you thinking of a theme song when you read this,like Star Wars because I am :-P )The food allergy has taken control of our once happy meal plan and threatens to destroy it!We must break our alliance with these known allergist rebels.Now it is up to us to fight back and to once again enjoy the food that was once strong with us!We start our journey at the dinner table.Where we will travel to next is up to our young apprentice who is just learning to use the food.

May the food be with you!

Much fear I sense in him still.Fear is the path to the allergy side.Use the food!

Last night the baby was very itchy and couldn't stay asleep until about midnight. Then he slept until 5.I on the other hand couldn't fall asleep after that!Is it from this diet change?My husband was very surprised to see me up before him.That is sad that I have been so tired it is hard to wake up.My 8 year old suggested I should change my alarm,but today I didn't need one.Not bad for 5 hours of sleep huh?

7:30-Breakfast was leftover pancakes and some sausage.I had a  green smoothie with spinach,banana,strawberries and rice milk.Hopefully it will keep me full longer!

Pumpkin pancake recipe
1 cup gluten free Bisquick
1/4 cup pumpkin
1/4 cup applesauce
1-11/2 cup water
1Tbsp sugar
1,4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg

Mix it all together and yumm!

10-Hungry but feeling good!Ate an apple and some pumpkin seeds.The baby has refused everything today,except the crunchy sweet potato fries.Kind of frustrating.

11:30-Starving!I did ride a bike though and nursed!

12-Zipfizz time.It makes me instantly energized so far.I struggle with my energy anyway so this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!It also makes it so I have to drink 16 oz of water!Hydrate my friends!I had leftover spaghetti and salad with spinach and sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette.The baby is so tired.He would only nurse.Maybe his tummy is upset from yesterday?Normally I try to take a nap when my kids have quiet time but I am feeling pretty awake.I know that is what an energy drink is for.Hopefully if I skip my nap I wont crash later.Is this drink not allowing me to listen to my body and just masking the fatigue?It is all natural.I forgot if I mentioned that before.

3-I did end up meditating and taking a short nap.I slept very lightly though not like I usually do,where a buzz saw couldn't wake me lolI ate some popcorn ,but I cant eat butter and the seasoning has soy in it.So I put salt on it and added chocolate no dairy,and pumpkin seeds.I need to think of more snacks!

6-For dinner I had potatoes,onions,apple and sausage with olive oil and honey.Cut them all up and put potatoes and onion with olive oil  in 425° oven for 30 minutes.Add honey to apples and sausage for another 30 minutes.The baby loved the potatoes and apple!He even tried some rice milk.

9-Energy is still pretty good.Had some more pancakes.Want to try something new for breakfast.Ideas come to me!If anyone knows some good choices please let me know!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Letters to my girl Friday-My battle this week!

This Friday has been an unusual one.My baby has not been able to eat hardly anything.He is one and has had chronic congestion,eczema,recurring staph infections.He has not slept because he is so itchy and his tummy hurts!It has been so hard not to be a negative Nelly!

We took him to an allergist.After doing the skin test we got our answers!It was great to know why he was suffering.When the doctor told me his results he might has well have smacked me in the face!Are you ready for this?......I certainly wasn't! He has not one,or two or  even three of the most common allergies but 8!!No milk,casein (protein found in milk),nuts,coconut),peanuts,soy,egg and wheat! What are we going to feed this kid?I also have to be on this strict diet until I can ween him off of nursing!

I felt all of the same fears and frustrations that I did when I found out I had celiac.I cried and cried.Anyone who asked me yesterday how I was doing I broke down!

Today has been finding meals and  snacks he and I can eat!It has taken me half the day!

7:30 or 8- So far I made gf pumpkin pancakes with applesauce(no eggs) and water.They were pretty good!Okay,so far this isn't too bad.I ate some chicken to get protein.

10-Been at the store and not feeling great.:(I need more protein!

12-Home from 2 stores and drank this all natural vitamin B-12 drink.I am taking a 7 day Zipfizz challenge to see if this will help me!

I also took calcium supplements.For lunch I had fajitas and spinach salad with vinaigrette.My baby had gf-ef-df-sf chicken nuggets and pears.I also introduced rice milk to him.

2-starving!Ate chicken and apple
3-Fed baby and starving again.The baby and I tried these new sweet potato fries. He loved them!I am still hungry though: (I am thinking should get some seeds for protein?!

5:30-Had a hand full of sunflower seeds after going to yet another store!Feeling less shaky and hungry now.At about 4 I really started to lose some energy.That is about 4 hours for the zipfizz to wear off.Not too bad.

6:30-Green beans and spaghetti,spaghetti sauce and sausage.
7:babies eczema is really bad.I think he might be having a reaction to torula yeast in the chicken nuggets.:(
Poor baby he was doing a little better up until now.

9-Baby is fed and now I am hungry again!Going to eat something and go to bed!

Tomorrow is another day!At least we got some things figured out.

I have so much to be thankful for!I am grateful to the allergist.I am thankful to God and my husband for being my support.I am also thankful to my bestie.All of this allergy stuff reminds me how she was there for me when I needed her.She didn't judge or ask for anything in return.

3 accomplishments
1.Kept my kitchen counters clean
2.Made a Spring wreathe and pillow cover.It was no sew!
3 planned out meals for the week when I was overwhelmed and had no clue what we would do.I just prayed and hoped!

3 goals for this week
1.Finish laundry
2.I have barely started Spring cleaning but I want to get dusting and baseboards done.
3.Make more time for me and my husband.More meditating and calm until we get these allergies figured out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Letter S-shoes and socks(Preschool and infant lessons)

Scripture:Walk in his footsteps
Mathew 16:24
24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

We can walk where Jesus walked by reading and studying the scriptures, praying,and serving.Each day we try to be more like him.

Nursery Rhyme: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

For baby:
Usually I do not like my little one playing with shoes,because he puts it in his mouth.However I let my kids pull out the shoes.Then I showed them the sign for shoes.Then we MATCHED up the shoes.I took a sock and showed it to my 1 and 3 year old.For the 1 year old I told him I was putting the sock in the shoe.He watched  me and pulled out the shoe.I also got a bag of socks and left it open for him to explore.He liked pulling them in and out.He squealed with delight when I made an old woman puppet as I said the rhyme.

Vocabulary I am teaching him:shoe,sock,out and in.

For 3 and up I had him close his eyes and I hid the sock in a shoe and he looked for it.We talked about what shoes we would wear for different occasions.

Music and movement:
I am not sure where I saw this but if you put pennies on the bottom of your shoes you can make tap shoes.It was fun to watch him get so excited at the sounds he could make!We danced around and listened to music!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Letters to my girl Friday

Dear Friday,
Where did you go?

 Thanks to my husband who let me sleep in and did dishes and laundry.He had to take over COMPLETELY! Friday just flew by because I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed! Thanks also go to my Mother in law and friends who drove my kids to and from school,while our van was in the shop!

3 accomplishments:
I worked really hard on my house.I went grocery shopping I have not done that in a long time because I couldn't take my baby out.I started getting my family excited for General Conference.

3 goals:
1.get caught up on the laundry
2.start my Spring cleaning by dusting and getting rid of at least one thing each day!
3.Find time to myself and my husband

Hope to have a better week next week.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to spring clean your life

It is a new month!How are you doing with your goals for 2014?If you haven't made any goals, it is not too late!I love a new month.It makes me feel like I can get a fresh start again!

Spring is approaching fast and I couldn't be more happy!It is a time of growth and new life.Lets get outside to the fresh air and sun.You can also step outside your normal routines or how you think.I am talking about letting your inner self bloom.Imagine all the possibilities!

Here are a few of my possibilities:

~Be adventurous.Try something new.
Last week I flew in a helicopter for the first time!

~Shed clutter in your home and mind.

~As new stems of life emerge outside.Seek everything that is lovely,positive,energizing,change,and let these values take root in your heart.

~Find more ways to spend time with family and husband.

~Find quiet moments and get rid of stress.

As you clean each room as most of us do in the spring,put flowers on your clean surfaces.You could use silk or real flowers.Buy a bouquet and divide the flowers into smaller vases.Doing this can lighten the room and your mood.

Your rooms and closets aren't the only thing that needs to be gone through!Use this time to see how you are doing emotionally, mentally, and physically.Look at your life.Write down the good and bad things.This can be people,thoughts,things you want to do etc...Then decide if you want to keep, donate,or purge.You could do this by making 3 columns and separating these thoughts into 1.keep,2.donate or 3.purge.

At the same time focus on what is positive and happy about your life.Surround yourself with gratitude and all things,and people that are positive in your life.

I hope these things will help you to shake off the dull and dreary of winter.You should feel renewed and ready to grow in so many ways.I want you to sparkle,dazzle and be radiant.Let your light shine bright.Open yourself up to all the possibilities,like a flower opens up to the sun.