Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to be a voice remembered not forgotten.

I have a little secret. It starts with ideas like little seeds. I have so many of them tucked away. Emotions, dreams, plans all scribbled on paper. Some of these ideas make it here on my blog. Many are buried until they can be rediscovered. The truth is I am always searching for a better way to do things or improve upon what I am already doing, mostly as a Mom. I have  no idea what I am doing! Will I ever get to them all? I don't know...... Maybe when I am gone my children will find them. I am not just a Mom. I am a writer. I believe all these years I have been trying to find my way through my words. Words are powerful! They can cut you down like a blow from a mighty sword. They can be haunting or linger in our thoughts. Words can be soft and gentle or pierce you to your very soul! They can also be comforting and familiar like a long lost friend.

Maybe when I am gone they will remember, my words/my voice? I may not be gone from this earth but not there with them. As a Mom so many days I feel no matter how kind I am or if I am an anger monster my kids don't hear me! They might as well be covering their cute little ears. Why do they tune me out? A mother should have a voice. After all I am to instruct them and help them until they can stretch their wings of independence fully. Christ gave me this role of a mother. What would he say if he came and saw me yelling at my kids because this was the fourth time I asked my rambunctious hooligans to do something and my kids still are not listening?

He might quote a familiar scripture like Mathew 11:15:

 He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

I bet they would stop. Words, his words are powerful and lasting. This is his simple request. Ears when mentioned in the scriptures, usually means to hear the things of God and to understand and take them into our hearts.

I am trying to teach them the things of God both spiritually and to prepare them to be roommates and spouses someday. They have ears but they do not wish to hear. I am a broken record and my  his voice is not heard. Hearing God's voice is more important than if they cleaned their room or did their homework.

When we are babies we recognize our Mom and Dad's voice. We are so dependent on our parents for EVERYTHING!  Babies grow up and then they gain their independence and voice and want NOTHING! Could it be that my comforting familiar voice is now filled with hints of frustration and disapproval? In their minds do they think" There is no making this woman happy"? At least when they are upset. Luckily my kids still need cuddles but they are fast approaching when those will fade or only happen if they "feel like it." By then I hope that I am a voice remembered. Please children make good choices when that day comes!

As a child I was a feisty energetic little girl. I remember not wanting to listen to my mom so many times. Now humbled by my own experience as a mother. I hear my mothers voice and remember. Maybe they are listening but just not very well. When it comes time for them to remember what they have been taught they will remember God and remember his mouth piece, mothers.(Me) I am remembered but not always in the moment I choose. Therefore I choose to make those times they are listening count! At night when their batteries are running low when we gather for scriptures, books and snuggle time; I can be heard. When they are running around or screaming at me is the time to be silent or walk away "turn the other cheek." Maybe, next time they are angry they will remember to follow my example. I am like a shadow. I am always there, they just need to walk into the light.

On those days where I feel like I am mother forgotten........ just wait....... find your voice.... and he will give me authority! In those rare moments it is like he gives me a microphone so my voice can echo in their ears and his words in their hearts. We have a 50% chance that they are listening or not listening. I can only pray when they aren't listening with their ears they are listening with their hearts!

Each day I wake up and hope to be a voice remembered. I may be small, but I have big things to say!

Monday, April 27, 2015

How blogging has changed my life!

I have been thinking about my blog lately. I started this blog several years ago to do something I had always wanted to do, write! I thought I would also share with you  the reason behind the name of Momshappinessblueprint.

 I am not sure how many of my readers have had depression. If you haven't I pray you never do! It is a dark place. It was so dark for me that I couldn't even see any light, even though friends and family tried to help. One day I decided to open my scriptures. I had to! There were only negative thoughts in my head. As I was reading the scriptures I started to feel a little flicker of hope. I remembered from my Primary teachers and parents how the scriptures were a blueprint of how we should be and how to get back on the path when we are lost. All of a sudden it was like a ray of light broke though my gloomy glum cloud and I knew I wanted to write! At first I wanted to write a book. Yikes! I decided that was to big of a step for me at that point.

I had just barely started looking at other blogs and loved the variety of subjects and flavor available to me. It was like I was in what I felt to be the equivalency of Charlie and the chocolate factory. There was so much I wanted to do and try! A dip in the chocolate fountain perhaps?......... Why not?

I dove right in! Splash! I was immersed with feelings and sensations that had been lost to me for so long. I actually wanted to get up and try! Do you know what happens when you get a taste of something truly amazing? You want MORE! If my blog really was like a candy factory I would be over 400 lbs. from all the  delectable and delicious possibilities.

Okay now how many of you want a candy bar? :)

I think you get the picture though. It was so exciting and new that it woke me up! Things got even better for me when I was diagnosed with Celiac. I am healthier and happier than I have been in a long time! I still struggle with Depression though. This is especially true in the winter.

I blog to be real! I want to help encourage and share what I have learned. I want to show that it is fun to teach your kids. Happiness is a choice and I have to choose it everyday! This makes me happy! I also love to practice my writing.

When you read my words it is exciting the senses. I want you to taste, feel, see, hear and live them with me! Take a dive or dip your toes in. Thanks to you! (my readers)

While we are on the subject of treats, there is only a few more days until May-keovers start! I can hardly wait!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why we all not only need, but MUST slow down!

This is a difficult post to write. I have been so weighed down with worry and grief. If you put me in the ocean ; I would sink as if I were attached to an anchor! My feelings are deep and strong. A few days ago was supposed to be the happiest day of my daughters life. She was getting baptized! All my family was there. This rarely happens!!
Soccer proceeded this pivotal moment in my daughters life. Soccer for me is a Saturday time sucker. During soccer season they seem to be gone before they even start. It is fun to watch my kids play though. As usual we couldn't find everything, even though we thought we had prepared the night before. Just a little advice, getting ready the night before is a marvelous habit to get into! My husband and I had to go to different games. He always goes to my oldest son's game, because he is the coach.

Well we were almost ready to go and I was feeling the anxiety of being late! I HATE to be late! A family member not from here brought their dog to take to the soccer game. To their dismay our area has a no dog policy at parks or schools. So the dog was left at my house. My husband was running around and I barely caught him to ask about the dog. You see in my daughters room was a little baby bunny. The dog was a natural hunter and knew where the bunny was. We all rushed off unaware that no one had taken proper precautions to protect her bunny. Here is the part if it was a  movie, that would make you all gasp because you know something bad is going to happen.

When I got home her bunny was in the dog's mouth! I screamed and still am in shock over this tragedy ! You know what is even more sad?......... It could have been prevented! We were all rushed and excited that we all thought someone else had taken care of it! If we just would have slowed down and realized the impending danger she would be okay. SLOW DOWN!

My daughter still got baptized! That is the most important. She was very happy, until night came!When we are rushed our mind is blurred. Tragedy has struck many times because someone thought that someone else took care of it. Kids have been hit by a car, drowned or injured. Less morbidly speaking, we also forget things or overwhelm our schedules. Is it any wonder that routines and millions of how to do such and such, are searched frequently on the Internet. We have all forgotten what many of our predecessors knew. They worked hard but they were outside and one with nature. Are we so hurried that we can't pray, read or enjoy our activities?

I have learned from my mistake! It is still painful to think about. It can happen to you! Slow down and make a plan. I am now fully on board and justified when I nag my family members and ask them if they completed or did what was asked. They may be annoyed but they will be responsible and I will know I did everything I could to help/warn them. In hindsight, they may be talk disrespectful, but you will know there is no more to worry there. Then you can discipline them for their behavior. Ha-ha! We cannot be everywhere at once but we can decide if being late is better than your toddler choking , because they are eating their breakfast in the car. I am not perfect and my intention is not to say that it is anyone fault that these tragedies happen. My point is merely to do the best you can to be aware and notice what is going on around you. Start small! Please don't take your calendar and routines and revamp them over night! Here are just a few ideas to try:
  • Try to find quiet moments or a day you are just home with your family.
  • Get up earlier
  • Prepare the night before
  • I only let my kids play one sport. Limit what extra things your kids do.
  • Allow for errors and traffic. Don't leave in just enough time to get there. Leave 15 minutes early
  • Think about your stress levels. It is not healthy to always be stressed!
  • Disconnect to re-connect. Turn off T.V and put the phone down.
  • Ask yourself what is most important? Pretend you have a empty calendar? How would you fill it? What would be first? Last? What would you give up all together?
If you have any to share that would be so exciting for me! I love, love comments!

Also get ready for May-keovers in a week!

Friday, April 17, 2015

When times get tough, tough people do these 6 things!

We were experiencing 50 to 60 mph winds here  and you can hardly see in front of you! It is amazing how clear the day started too!There is something in the air besides sand, there is my need to MAKEOVER myself, home, life, etc... that hits me in the Spring.! I crave change. This is especially true because I have little control over my illness. Mother nature is laughing right now. First the sand storm. Next, rain and then SNOW! What??

 I woke up barely able to move. I knew there was a storm coming, I knew it! Whenever my body feels like a rock I know something is coming. Normally when I think of being like a rock, it is being ''immovable" in my beliefs and faith. However, when my body feels immovable, it is not so good. When my body aches I know the weather is changing. That is my warning sign.There are warning signs that a emotional storm is coming too. How can you tell it is coming before it hits full force with a difficulty in your life?

There are so many UPS and downs in life. This can be like the up and down of the temperatures or a roller coaster. There is so much turmoil these days! It can be anywhere! It can be at home, work, financial, family. Not to mention the increase in auto-immune diseases and food allergies. This is a huge struggle in our family. Many days I don't know how I will feel or if the baby will keep me up all night itching and crying. It is pretty frustrating! I have learned that when I start to feel overwhelmed, if I ignore them, they come back in full force. There is usually tears involved because I am very emotional. These feelings are a warning. They are like the clouds in the sky. They are always changing or growing stronger and coming together to form my stressors, until I am in a storm within.

What is a girl to do? I decided to turn to the scriptures this week. I felt impressed to go to 1 Nephi 3-5. Nephi was commanded to get the brass plates from a very wicked man named Laban. They tried and failed 2 times. Instead of giving up Nephi was willing to try again! 1 Nephi 4:6-7

His brothers complained and wanted to give up. There are days that I don't know how I will faced another day filled with pain, and keep a cheerful disposition! Have you ever heard the saying "When times get tough the tough get going?" So how can we reach inside ourselves and find that inner strength? GO BACK AND GET THE PLATES!
               No matter what you are going through, I suggest these 6 tips......

  • Be positive and persevere-Wipe away the negatives like windshield wipers wipe away the rain when it comes down. It can be simple as looking for the rainbow to endure the storm. It is easy to think of what you didn't do that day instead of what you did do!
  • You are NOT your problems! Don't loose sight of who you are and be defined by your difficulties.
  • Do something- Get up, call someone, go on the Internet and search for answers. You can write a blog.:)
  • Serve and think of others- When you step outside of yourselves you start to forget your troubles.
  • Think "It will end"- This requires trust in God. Know that he hears you and that your suffering, Whatever it may be will end in some way or another. This end may not come how we want, but it will come! This is hard when you can't see the end in sight. Just like my vision was impaired by the sand storm, eventually I saw a light or sign to point me in the right direction. People can be like these signs. Find family and friends to rely on and point you in the right direction!
  • Take care of yourself. If you do not weed a garden everyday or so the weeds multiply. This is the same with us. If we do not take time to relax and take care of our bodies "weeds" start to grow. It is harder to take care of ourselves when the "weeds" of sleep deprivation, malnutrition, and neglect set in. Think of a few minutes a day as keeping these "weeds" away!

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In 2 weeks I will be starting my series on 31 days of May-keovers. This is my first post from last year. It was a lot of fun to do and I learned a lot of new things!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bubble gum party, Easter and just surviving each day!

It has been a while since I have been blogging. The reason why is because I am just trying to survive and make it through each day. I have been a stress bucket the last few months. It all started with my Mom calling me up one day and asking if one of my kids was alright. The reason I am not mentioning who is so I don't embarrass them. I was surprised and said everything was fine. Little did I know that something was wrong and it came without warning. Suddenly I was dealing with a very anxious, defiant and aggressive individual. I always wondered what the next day would bring. Would their be a fight to go to school. Would I end up crying and pleading on my knees? Where was this all coming from? Such a sweet kid really!! Was it me? Was my child being bullied? I have been living in crisis mode and always on red alert!

This stressing and worrying has gone on for months. On Saturday my body had it! I couldn't get out of bed! I don't normally sleep like that but that is all I could do, while my poor husband tried to manage the chaos of several months. My child is in counseling .No answers?....  Maybe all of this came from writing a post on balance? It is hard to achieve balance when the scale is always being tipped!

The icing on the cake was last week was Spring break. This meant keeping kids happy and breaking up fights all day. Exhausting! Plus, last week was a busy one!
1)We had a gumball birthday party with 15 girls! Here are the decorations!

None of the kids knew who this was! Do you? :)

2) Soccer started and takes up our whole morning and afternoon on Saturday! One kid gets so excited to go play until he gets there. Then, he sits and refuses to participate. Each time he acts ready and then hides. What is a Mom to do?

3)Loosing sleep because my very itchy and allergic baby!

4) LDS General conference and Easter weekend. I loved Conference and the time to ponder that Jesus Christ is risen! We ate a fun breakfast too!

Easter egg hunt and what it is all about!

A fun bunny digging in the dirt. So cute! I was tired of making cake! Hahaha! I got the idea from here

Here is the birthday girl enjoying her bunny bums! The kids got a kick out of the name.Lol

With boys you get the play fighting but I didn't expect it with their Easter bags. Funny boys!

Here is to balance and enjoying the ride that is life one happy Mommy step at a time! Well, trying to be happy that is what my blog is about. I am real and I do not have it all together. At the end of the day if we survived it is a victory. If we are all happy then I have my blueprint for happiness!