Thursday, May 1, 2014

31 days of makeovers in May.What do you get? May-keover

May is the perfect time to start over. Dust off those shelves and forgotten ideas.May is a time for getting outside. Let us put our good intentions into actions. Our thoughts are drawn to our mothers and grandmothers.We can learn a lot from them and so can our children.

So with that introduction welcome to makeover in May or "May-keover".

I am giving us all permission to do what we may be needing to do but haven't. What can we do with this may-keover month.Anything.May-keover a room,yourself.Maybe your heart and soul need one.

I started with my kitchen.We finally started painting.I couldn't be more thrilled!That led me to walking around my house and discovering several projects I have put on hold.

I walked into a friends house and was greeted with pops of color,a treat for my eyes.I want more pops of color.May-keover!

Just adding some color,paint or new bed sheets can just be like a pedicure or haircut for your home.Maybe you need to simplify?Do you have clutter?too many toys?

How about your clothes?Make up?Hair or hairstyles?

How about your relationships? Friends?Family?Spouse?How can you improve those relationships?May-keover!

How do you feel spiritually?What can you do better or give up to be closer to Jesus?What am I missing that he is trying to tell me?Do I carry too much on my shoulders. Am I doing enough or just getting by day by day?

There are a lot of areas in our home and life that could use a may-keover.Lets get started!We have 31 days.So first things first. .We need to make a list and access what we want to change.Each week pick an area or two that you might want to change or improve.When you are doing a may-keover on yourself you are just improving what you already have.This is not a time to list all your.This is a perfect time to raid your hundred of pins on Pinterest.There are so many they get lost and forgotten; you chose them for a reason, right?

May 1rst-
This week I am starting with my home.My kitchen can get messy fast.It irritates me and drives me crazy.I mentioned in the beginning that I wanted to give my kitchen some color to rather outdated wood cupboards.Paint is a very inexpensive way to change up a room.We chose sage on the bottom and white on top.Before and after pictures will follow I promise.:)

Today's assignment- Make your list.You can follow along with mine,but we all are different on what we want to work on.

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