Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 31-less coming in more contentment My spooky look within.(31 days challenges less and more)

Today's challenge:
Evaluate the current state of where you are in your life right now.  Ask yourself the hard questions.  Is my life still too full of the things that don’t matter?  Am I still letting in too much heartache, too much stress, and too much stuff? Resolve right now to be intentional and purposeful with your heart and time and environment.Choose to let in only that which adds joy and peace and contentment.

First of all I want to thank living well spending less living well spending less for coming up with these challenges.These challenges have made me jump out of my comfort zone,cry,relax more,live intentionally and in the moment.The other outcome of these soul searching is wanting more! Each days challenge could easily be a monthly habit.Overall though they were great to focus on.
Did I find time to declutter?time with family?more time for myself?see my 4 important things

It has really been hard to blog about each one every day.If I do another challenge for a month I don't want the stress if the deadlines,which I put on myself! Now I know better.It was like putting myself under a microscope each day and seeing all the flaws.Interestingly enough I was not discouraged but quite the opposite!Life is a continuous progression. For me it is to be more like God each and everyday.As long as I am pressing forward my weaknesses eventually will be made strengths.I have read that in the scriptures but this Month I have LIVED and seen it in action!

This has all added so much to my happiness blueprint.Remember this blueprint is your own personal plan to build your happiness brick by brick if necessary.You can visit it often,change it any way you want.It all starts with a solid foundation of loving yourself as a daughter and s son of God.What do you want out of your life?What makes you happy?What is most important to you?

Don't forget to do your assignment from organized Christmas countdown
Day 5-create master gift list

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Letter H-Halloween lesson for preschool and babies

Scripture:Mosiah 3:19
For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and the sea, and all that in them is; wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
We are not hallow like a carved pumpkin,but we have a space within us or a gap that can only be filled by God.We talked about the sacrament and how it can fill us where we might be empty and lacking.Just like the pumpkins when the light of the spirit is in us we glow and show we are happy.We are hollow and empty without God and his plan for us.
Nursery Rhyme:Autumn leaves are falling down(Tune to London bridge is falling down)see F-is-for-fall-preschool-and-baby-lesson

Story:The bookstore Ghost
In this book the bookstore owner only likes 3 things.So I asked my little guy his favorite 3.You could have Older kids write it out and why they like it.
Three things I like is:playing cars,eating cheese sandwiches,and reading books about Dinosaurs and trains.

Music and movement:
We made ghost streamers to twirl around while listening to Halloween music.

Song:Days of the week(tune Addam's Family)

Days of the Week! (snap, snap)
Days of the Week! (snap, snap)
Days of the Week! Days of the Week! Days of the Week! Days of the Week!(snap, snap)
There's Sunday and there's Monday,
There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday,
There's Thursday and there's Friday,
And then there's Saturday!
Days of the Week! (snap, snap)
Days of the Week! (snap, snap)
Days of the Week! Days of the Week! Days of the Week! Days of the Week!(snap, snap)or baby:I made a spider web from black yarn.The baby had a blast shaking it and of course tasting it.

For dinner we had worms.(spaghetti colored with food coloring)

Day 30-less holiday overkill and more memories(31 days challenges less and more)

Today's challenge:
Take some time to set your priorities, menu, & budget for this holiday season.  Be sure to block out time in your schedule for rest and laughter at home with your family.Think of one or two family traditions you would like to establish this year, and make a plan to follow through on them.

This will be the first year we will actually be spending in our new home!We are so excited! I hope that we can have a more relaxed and fun time.I really try to get holiday cards out but I try not to stress if I don't get them out on time.I have sent them out after the New Year before and people loved it! Plus there was a few people who sent me cards I had not planned on!No stress because I hadn't sent them out yet,just added them to the list.Done!This is the same for neighbor gifts.I just make extra and when someone unexpected comes by I have a little treat.

Right after Thanksgiving the tree and decorations go up!

"Good night fir"-This is a family tradition since I was a little girl.We would gather by the Christmas tree and after we prayed we would blow out the fir.My Mom would say "say goodnight fir"
Good night fir"we would say as we would blow as hard as we could.
 Guess what?.......The lights would go out!
I remember such excitement!(Dad was really good about not letting us know he pulled the plug from the wall.) When I found out it wasn't real I was crushed until I got to do it for my kids!!!Love this tradition.

We also do a Christmas countdown.It is different each year but so fun!See this Pinterest board for many great ideas!

I am thinking of doing this Santas beard.So cute and different.I would love to hear your ideas!
Here is another great one,25-days-until-christmas-countdown-books

Christmas Eve we let the kids open one gift.It us usually slippers,pj's or something small.

Speaking of countdowns.Check out today's organized Christmas countdown
Day 4-Connect with Holiday values.I think this goes perfectly with today's challenge! We should always remeber what Christmas is about.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 27,28 and 29-less and moreWhat is the message I want to send in my life?In my home?(31 days challenge)

I hope this isn't too confusing doing 3 challenges in a row,but we have been sick so I got a little behind!This is a busy post but worth it and I am not just saying that because it is on my blog.I really had an epiphany and I had to share! So first I will start with the 3 challenges I should have done these last few days.
Day 27 challenge:
Less in garage more inspiring garages
Take an honest look at the current state of your garage.  Are you happy with how you are using the space?  Do you envision something more?  Is there a way you could better use this space to serve the needs of your family?  Vow to tackle one section of this space today. Clear the clutter, organize, or clean that one small area, then make a plan to tackle another section soon.

Day 28-less craft mess and more creativity
The challenge
Spend some time today sorting & organizing your craft supplies.  Get it all into one place, then purge the things you know you’ll never use, find bins & containers for loose items, and label everything.Chances are, just this process alone will have you feeling more creative and inspired to get crafty.
 Next, embrace your inner artist.  You were made to create. Look for a small project that you can complete in an hour or two ,then carve out some time today to create.

Day 29-less surface clutter and more art
Take a walk through your home and ask yourself,  ”What is the unspoken message my home sends?”
Take everything off of every horizontal surface, then leave it that way for at least 24 hours, just to see how it feels.  Once you’ve experienced a whole day of clutter-free living, take some time to put back only the things you love.

Again I am so sorry I am so late on my post.We have been sick here with an evil stomach bug.I even got it,all within hours of each other.So as you can imagine I am playing catch up today.Lots of laundry and scrubbing happening here!!!

Still I am hoping we can bounce back quickly and enjoy Halloween in less than 2 days!As I was reading these challenges a few words stuck out to me and made me realize something.That is to say that the last month has been really just about making little changes.It could be a better habit you want to work on or clearing the clutter.Either way it is moving forward and trying to let less outside influences or our material possessions control you.The best part is it is totally something we can all accomplish and taylor to our needs.

I pose the challenge a different way.Take an honest look at the current state of your life,your house.Are you happy with how you are using the space,your time,your life?  Do you envision something more?  Is there a way you could better use this space(time)to serve the needs of your family?  Vow to tackle one section of this space today. This space can be anything that you are not happy with.Start small.Clear the clutter, organize, or clean that one small area, then make a plan to tackle another section soon.This clutter can be physical or mental.It really starts with us and wanting to make a real and lasting change!

What is the unspoken message I want my home to send?My life?

Eddie from Life in grace said it perfectly" Your house is not a showroom.  It’s a very personal, living space.  It’s where you are raising children, cooking meals, making a marriage work, making dreams come true.  It’s the most important place you spend your time, second only to your place of worship.  Don’t be afraid to make it your own. Don’t worry about decorating rules.  Surround yourself with the things you love—things that inspire you to be a better mom, wife, chef, photographer, listener, nurse, lover…………"
"All of life is art. Embrace it with full abandon."

When you walk into your home what do you see?Is there piles and boxes?A cozy seating area with laundry and craft materials?I don't know if I embrace and fully understand what feng shui is except that every object has energy but I do know I feel better when my home is notin total choas.

For some more great ideas read this post by Erica Sofrina what does your home say about you?In this article it is suggested to do the following, if you would like to begin the journey of creating a home that you love being in:

"Start by observing every object in your home. Be as objective as possible.
Ask  yourself what messages is it telling you  about who you are and what you believe to be true. Is it revealing priorities or beliefs that you don’t really agree with?
Ask yourself if what you see is serving what you truly want in your life?
Then set about to make sure every object in your home is something you either use on a regular basis, is something you love, and reflects your current tastes and desires.
This is no small feat, but by doing so you will create a home that feeds your soul, uplifts your spirit, and moves your life forward in the direction of your highest choosing!"

Just a little note:

Hopefully I can get my house in order before the holidays!I cannot believe that Christmas is sooo close!Yikes!!October is coming to an end.It has been a great one!Did you get your October must do's?For the next six weeks I will also be participating in this christmas countdown for 2013.I am hoping it will help me have a more organized and less stressful holiday.This will appear on posts sporadically. If you want to follow go to the link above.This weeks challenges
Day 1:Get organized.I am going to carve out some time each day for planning.I have already started my gift lists.I also still need to print out my holiday calendar.
Day 2:Make a Christmas calendar-see this link for how to get started. I think I am just using my notebook I carry around me wherever I go!
Day 3:Set up holiday calendar

Also see my post on how-to-find-balance-during-holidays

Monday, October 28, 2013

Meditation Monday- What does balance mean to me?

Lately balance to me had been more of an inward search.But there are many ways we view balance.Find your definition of balance.Most of us measure it in time.Last week that is what I talked about.I talked about reviewing your week and planning.

I have been thinking a lot of the quality vs quantity. If we measured our day just in the quantity we would be missing something.It is not just about crossing things off a to do list.It is the quality of time and being present in that moment.Can I really be playing with my kids if I am looking or talking on the phone?Maybe I am lost in thought about all I have to do today.That is why I write and plan more specifically to that which Is important to me.I like that there is not just one way of doing things.I have many options to look at.So really you need both quantity(How much of something) and quality(how and what you and all of those involved get out of it.

Quality matters when we are talking about the different areas of our life.If we neglect some areas like our fanilies or health or our couple time it will start  to show in all areas of our life.You cannot focus on just one area of your life.I found a post that has a great exercise to do to show how you need to look at life as a whole,even though there are different areas we devote our time to.

  1. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper and divide it into 8-10 pie wedges.
  2. Label each section with an area of your life that is important to you. Examples include family, friends, health, work, recreation, money, personal growth, spirituality, romance, physical surroundings and more.
  3. Rate your satisfaction in each area of your life. Think of the circle's outer edge as total satisfaction and the center of the circle as total dissatisfaction. In each wedge of the pie, place a small dot to indicate your relative satisfaction in that area of your life. (For example, if you are just moderately satisfied, place your dot in the middle between the center and the edge.
  4. After rating your satisfaction in each pie wedge, connect the dots to create a new outside perimeter for your circle. If you were to roll your circle like a wheel would it roll smoothly or be bumpy?

I have been spending a lot of time on spiritual so I know my wheel is a little bumpy. I am being less and less time on it each day.My home is going to need some "tlc" but I won't neglect my spiritual side or my health.I am going to make sure I am reading my scriptures and working on a personal habit for that month.

I realize too that balance is going to take a lot of work and planning.My husband and I were talking the other night about how he feels he doesn't spend enough time with each kid.He asked "how can I find the time?" I think a lot od us ask this question.The best way is to make it a priority.Schedule it,schedule it and schedule it!
The best thing to do is not try to make too many changes at one time.Tweak and tweak some more.
 Here are some questions to help :
What do you I need to do to get out of the door in the morning?
What do I need to do to keep my home running smoothly?
What can I do at night to make my days run more smooth ?
What makes me happy?What doesn't?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 26-less bedroom cutter more intamacy(31 dayschallenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Spend some time today turning your bedroom into the haven it should be.  Make the bed, then clear the clutter from the dressers and put away the pile of laundry or things that don’t belong.Dust & Windex any dirty surfaces, then light some scented candles to help create a relaxing mood.
Next, make intimacy a priority.  Do something to let your husband know how much he means to you. It could be as simple as a sweet text to let him know you are thinking of him today.  It could also be a love note, a special meal, or a back rub after the kids have gone to bed.  It might help to revisit your wedding pictures and remember the joy of young love.Kiss him like you mean it!

My bedroom should be a haven but.......clothes,extra boxes, toys and you name it,have taken over!!!

#1 to always do is make your bed!

Most of it can be fixed by not being too tired(not likely anytime soon) and just dropping clothes and things on the floor.Another bad habit is doing laundry or bills on your bed.Something always interrupts me and whatever is left stares at me in the face when I go to my bed.

Try storage under your bed!

In the romance department here are 11-tips-to-make-your-bedroom-a-bit-more-romantic

The last thing I am going to say and go do is to put my phone down and talk to my Spouse! after I hit publish...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25-less bathroom junk and more personal beauty(31 days challenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Clean out your bathroom. Purge the unnecessary—get rid of stuff you don’t use, duplicates, or items that are past their prime.  Find an out-of-the-way place to store the items you might eventually use, then work at creating a simple, organized system to streamline your bathroom routine.

Next, think about your best facial feature.  Is it your eyes?  Your lips?  Your hair?  What small changes can you make to accentuate your beautiful self?  It could be as simple as wearing lipstick or mascara every day, or just vowing to smile more.

If you want a clean bathroom it is all about how you store things in it.It can become cluttered quickly if you do not have a place for EVERYTHING!

As woman we have creams,washes,lotions,make up,brushes,hair dryer,hair straightener etc....We have bags for a lot of these things too!Bottom line is,we have too much girlie stuff.Do you know how long you are supposed to keep your make up?........3 months!

Did you also know that you need to clean brushes for make up and hair.If you had a cold and used them and did not wash them,you could get the cold again!True? I have heard but do you want to take the chance?

1.clear the counter top.Usually this had all our daily grooming tools.These should be at eye level for easy access.This could be in a medicine cabinet or if your counter is big in cute little storage containers.

2.Drawers and under the sink are for less used items.It is good for those once a week or some monthly.The rest can go up higher.The less you use it the higher it should go.

3.How many shampoo or lotion bottles do you need? If you have to keep them because it is a back up,store it way up high or in a storage room.

Here is a must see under the sink storage solutions!These are really great!I wish I had tight of it!

OK since you asked,twist my arm, here is another creative-bathroom-organization-ideas

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 24-less kitchen confusion and more organized pantry(31 days chakenge less and more)

 Today's challenge:
Make a date with your pantry today.  Think about what containers you need and wash them out or purchase what you need.  Create or purchase labels.  Take everything out, sort it by type, then put it back and make it pretty. Next, make a meal plan for the next week that uses up all the food you forgot you had on hand.

First of all I need an organized kitchen because I keep my gluten free things separate from the rest.I used to separate things like peanut butter,butter and anything that could be double dipped into and contaminated.We have gotten much better at that.

Look at your kitchen and decide what its functions are.Anything not contributing to that function needs to go!

Does anyone else get confused by all the containers?I can remember a few kitchen disasters.First the bottles for imitation vanilla and mint look the same! My pancakes have ended up tasting like toothpaste.The other time most prevalent in my mind was when me and my hubs were first married I mixed up Tsp with Tbsp of pepper.Dinner was ruined!I cried but my husband ate it anyway.He is so sweet!

Meal planning is the best way to not have confusion in the kitchen.How many times do you open the fridge and ask "what's for dinner?"Take your favorite meals and group them together.For example take all chicken dishes buy chicken in bulk and cook it or freeze it ,making note of what meals they are for.I double up on some and freeze for later.Soups assets a great one to freeze.This takes some practice but you will get the hang of it!

Keep kitchen counters and table clear of all clutter.Clutter causes a lot of confusion and can discourage making meals at home.

If you are like me you probably have the leaning tower of food containers.Not all of them have a lid!Lids for containers are like socks in the dryer,they get lost.Time to tell those lidless plastic goodbye!

Kitchen confusion says.....
“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” - Confucius

Get it?Confusion/ Confucius both sound similar.Anyway lol I couldn't help myself!

Here is another one:
Confucius Says... "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure."

F is for Fall-preschool and baby lesson

Scripture:2 Nephi 2:25
 25 Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.
Adam and Eve activity
Letter:F and review of letters R,N,O,E and W
Nurse rhyme:Autumn leaves(by Kristianne Rushton to tune of London bridge)

For baby-newborn and up
Autumn leaves are falling down(wiggle your hands as you pretend the leaves are falling)
Falling down
Falling down
Autumn leaves are falling down
All around

Take the rake and rake them up
Rake them up
Rake them up
Take the rake and rake them up
On the ground

Book for story time:I am a leaf

Next my preschooler loved practicing his cutting and tearing with a Fall cutting skills

We practiced counting.I made cards with a number and a tree.Then we put that many leaves on there.We made the leaves by crumpling little pieces of construction paper and gluing them on.I am having my preschooler practice putting them in order.

Nature walk:We were looking for leaves to do leaf rubbings.We found tons of leaves.The baby crinkled and squished the leaves in his hands and toes.He mostly wanted to eat them.Babies can choke so watch them carefully!

Autumn leaves are falling down

Falling down

Falling down
Autumn leaves are falling down
 All around!

Hope you are all enjoying your Fall weather!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 23-less closet chaos and more closet order.What does your closet say about you?(31 days challenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Organize your closet today. (Or, if that feels too overwhelming, start with just one rack.) Go through every piece and remove the things you haven’t worn in a month.  What percentage of the pieces are left?  Examine the ones you removed and ask yourself why you don’t wear them.  Not flattering?  Don’t fit?  Out of style?  Stained or torn?

Closets are meant for storage,but often times they get overstuffed and half of the things in there are forgotten.I have seen some pretty organized closets but not all of us can handle being that organized!I am not saying it should be a mess but I just don't know if I am the type to be that organized.Most of us are not organized and can feel quite overwhelmed.That is why so many of us flock to websites promising to help us get organized.We want a quick fix and usually that is not the case.

What all of this has to do with closets I don't know exactly how they correlate, except to say if you like your closet organized, go with that flow. Don't force it! If not maybe you are more free style? Whatever your style,make sure it is clean(or clean enough) and you have a system that works for you!I think because people outside the home don't peer into our closets, we relax.Closets can say a lot about ourselves and how we feel.

"What is in a closet? Heaps of unworn clothing, dresses with tags still on them, an ex-boyfriend's sweaters, or jeans that are too tight? Often what we find in a woman's closet gives us a peek into her personality, emotional state, fears or desires. How does a closet project who you are to other people, and more importantly, is your wardrobe covering up your potential?"by Marie Claire
Read the rest of the post, 6-ways-closet-may-holding-back

We have all heard the expression" skeletons in our closet".This has to do with the past.You never  know when they will come out.These internal closets need cleaning too.Letting go of anything is liberating.You feel like you have a fresh start.This is what I have been trying to do the last 20 days or so.I have found a lot of "skeletons"!

Tackle your closets.Get rid of the old to make room for the new.It will feel good I promise!Whether you are rummaging through old clothes or digging deep within.

Welcome to our funny farm-preschool and baby lesson

Scripture:Exodus 20:9,10 (Hard work)
9 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
 10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:
“I am helping to build a house of God.”
Nursery Rhyme: This little piggie
For baby:Squeeze each toe as you say the nursery rhyme.We also read Baby pig time to play.We are continuing to work on the sign for milk and add cat and dog.You could also have the baby play with feathers.This is a good for sensory and learning about their world.

Craft:Pig masks
Need:paper plate,pink paint,or we just colored them with marker.The idea and rest of instructions are hereSee what they look like below.

A day on the farm on early 1900s
Feel the horses soft velvety nose
1.Get horses ready for the day.The horses were fed their morning ration of grain. While they were eating, they would be brushed and harnessed.The average farmer had 4 to six horses so they would be ready to go to the field right after breakfast.

2.Milking the cows.There was usually four to six to milk twice a day.

3.Feel the pigs soft spongy nose.Feed the pigs.Say sooey!
 Then you have to catch all of them and put them in their pen.
Feel the soft fluffy chicks.Gather eggs if any and feed the hens.

 When the cows were all milked, the fresh milk would be taken to the cream separator.This cream separator was a hand-driven machine. A big crank on one side was turned by hand to separate the cream from the milk.The cream would come out one spout of the machine and skim milk out the other spout. The cream was cooled then put into a larger can to be taken to town to be sold.You could make butter here with heavy whipping cream and a whole lot of shaking.We ran out of time to do this.    

      This c   Now this was all done before they had breakfast. The Mother was up at the same time as the rest of the family.It would be big. It was often had cooked cereal with cream, ham and eggs and hot biscuits or toast(made from scratch)

      After this hearty breakfast, the teams of horses would be ready and hitched to the farm implement of the day for working in the field. At corn growing time, this consisted in going up and down the corn rows turning the soil with this corn cultivator.This is a great time to let the kids and baby play and dig in the dirt.

      The work on corn lasted until almost noontime. Then the farmers would unhitch the teams and take them to water and into the barn for their noon feed.

      While they were in the field, the Mother would be preparing another meal. The preparation took all morning long.Farmers would eat,then return to the field about one o'clock and would work until six o'clock p.m. By that time, it was quitting time for the day's field work. Then it would be the same thing over again of putting the horses in the barn, unharnessing them, and feeding the evening. After they had eaten supper,the horses were turned out to pasture to graze and rest through the night.They would be brought back in the morning.

     The Mom would make supper. In the evening more milking, taking care of the fresh milk, feeding pigs and calves. They stopped at around dark and return to the house for a few minutes of relaxation before bed.They would do the same thing the next morning.

By learning about what they used to do ob the farm I wanted the kids to see how lucky we are and how much free time they have.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 22-less paperwork and more filing(31 days challenge of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Tame that paper mountain that is threatening to take over your desk or counter top right now.  Give yourself an hour to tackle your piles.  Ruthlessly toss anything that isn’t necessary.  Use your phone to take pictures of invitations or other important events, add them to your calendar, then toss the paper copy.  Start a file box, if you don’t have one already, for the paper items you do need to keep.  Establish an inbox and outbox to replace the piles you would normally make.

It has been a lot of fun and eye opening to work on improving myself and getting rid of mental clutter.Now we move onto our house clutter!Yikes!

I knew this day was coming,like the beginning of a cold.Paper is the worst for me! I feel like I can never catch up.I have tried many systems.FAIL.I have been particularly bothered by school papers,paper airplanes and drawings.I talked with the kids and we put up a rope with  cloths pins to hold their artwork.When it is full we take a picture of it and <gasp> throw it away.They have a small box each that they can keep but when it is full it also must disappear in the darkness of the trash can.

I also heard of this great idea where you cut out  your kid's art and modge podge it onto a canvas.I am so going to try this with the drawings that don't take up too much room on paper.I think in Kindergarten you get so many firsts!

There was another idea where this person took their kids art and transferred it onto a blanket.Genius!Found here

We also talked about taking pictures of important papers and putting them in a photo album for the kids to look at.

Another great idea I have used is to make inbox/outboxes out of cereal boxes.You cover them with fabric or wrapping paper.

I also file all my incoming bills in a to pay on 5th and 20th.I always pay on time and it has worked for me for many years!Yay!Something I can celebrate!

The hardest thing is seeing the papers and feeling overwhelmed.I could just throw away the whole stack and not know what I am missing.

I could use some ideas of when you have too many papers.What are your favorite systems that work?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 20 and 21-less tension and more patience.4 positive ways to cope with sress.(31 days challenge of l

Day 20-less caffeine and more exercise
Yesterday's challenge:
For the rest of the month, cut your coffee (or caffeine) consumption by half.  Try drinking decaf or tea or even just water instead.  Then sometime today, walk or exercise for at least 15 minutes.

As you can see I am still playing catch up!I actually got some exercise by walking around a beautiful lake and waterfall!Lucky me!

Day 21-less tension and more patience
Today's challenge:
Identify a recent situation where you felt stressed or tense and, as a result, snapped at a loved one.  Reflect on how you could have handled the situation differently.  What are some ways you can think of to alleviate tension in your day-to-day life?

Wouldn't it be great to not have any stress?Since we know that can't happen.How do we go about accepting those things that might be stressing us out?

1.Ask yourself, do I have control over this?If yes,then you can make a plan on how to fix it.
If the answer is no, then prayer,time and slowly accepting what will be will be.You can't change it!However,you can ask yourself what you can learn from it.Maybe changing how you look at things will bring it in to focus?
 2.Is it something about yourself that is causing it?If,yes then your first step will be loving and knowing who you are.Not easy I know

If the answer is no what about the problem is stressing you out?
Maybe it is just negative thinking on your part?Write it out.Change any negative thoughts into positive ones.Look at it often to uplift and give you clarity!
3.Don't hold it inside.Talk to someone get their perspective on it.Once you feel more calm.Don't dwell on it.That will only make the matter seem bigger!Repeat 1 and 2 if necessary.
4.It is OK to have feelings of anger,sadness,loneliness.Do not let them control you! Instead listen to them like you would a friend and find out what they are saying to you.Why am I angry,upset or lonely?Have I done all I can?Just like the cry from a baby cues its parent . into what it may need.Each new challenge is a new start and your. body is like the little baby.It is trying to get your attention!

Here is an example of this process:My renters aren't paying but I don't want to go through the process of kicking them out and starting over!

  • Do I have control?-Yes,I can start the process but I don't have control over how long it takes.I can only wait and be patient.There is no sense on stressing even if I don't have the money.I can try to be as prepared as can.
  • I could set a deadline for how long it should take to get them out.At the end of that time.I will look at what has happened and re-examine what I can do 
  • Why am I scared-I don't want to be out any money.I need to keep telling myself it will all work out and keep praying!
These steps are a matter of not only lowering the tension and stress but to give you a more positive attitude.You don't just give up but keep moving forward!You can also learn to cope with things better!Having and using good coping skills are important when managing stress.Positive skills would be meditating ,going for a walk,or talking to someone.Negative examples would be losing your temper,yelling,throwing or kicking something.If you know you get stressed driving on the freeway decide what you want to do ahead of time.Maybe if you listen to calming music.You could decide if a car cutting you off makes you angry,decide not to get angry and think maybe they are in a hurry or didn't see me.It takes practice and patience and we handle things differently.What works for you when you are tense?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 19-less sugar and more cooking(31 days cchallenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Plan a healthy, low-in-sugar menu for the coming week.  Use some of the ideas from Edie's post, if you’ve never done this before.Think about your schedule and what night’s would be better for something in the crock pot or oven all day.  Make your list and then grocery shop tomorrow for what you need.

Fast food is convenient but it costs a lot.I did make a list.I love knowing what I am having for dinner each night.If I can prepare it in advance it is even better.I get in a rut sometimes.I get tired of cooking the same old stuff week after week.

If you buy frozen food try cooking one fresh meal.Have fun looking.Look online,magazines and watch food network(one of my faves)I agree that sugar is too available.Read labels carefully,limit or omit soda.There are desserts that can actually be good for you.You just need to adjust the ingredients.I love to have done pure chocolate.It is kinda bitter but it gets better as you use it.I love it in yogurt.It is also good with cereal.Good luck and have fun!

Day 18-less catch up and more planning.How to save your day.(31 days of less and more)

Something is right behind YOU! A monster sneaking up on each of us!
What is it? Read on if you can,but you must!
Today's challenge:
Are you feeling behind?  Starting tonight, write down three things each evening that you want to accomplish tomorrow so your brain is ready to go as soon as you wake up.  For the rest of the month, commit to waking up 15-30 minutes earlier than normal.  Use that time to plan your day and to do 2 or 3 things to ensure that the rest of your day goes a little smoother.

What is your monster,exercise,cleaning, bills,studying?It seems like a monster of a job and putting it off does not make it go away!

I have been planning my days for years now and I agree it is the best way of making sure I get everything done I want to.I usually do my planning at night.It helps quiet my mind which is like a hamster in a hamster wheel. I see my plan as more of a guideline though,because some days I want to play with my kids or certain tasks take me longer to do.

I find it kind of ironic that the day(18th) I was supposed to write 3 things I want to catch up on,it ends up being catching up on this post,today . the (19th)Oops!Yesterday was a very busy day between going to the library and getting our flu shots! Then we went to see family about 45 minutes from home.The main reason was to get this guy!The owl,not the baby.

That basket is almost as big as my 8 month old baby!I can't crochet.Isn't it sooo cute.A family member made it for me!So sweet!

The second thing on my list was to catch up on buying food.I did a major shopping trip today to last a month.I have been tweaking my list for weeks.I hope it work! I should have several meals for the freezer too!

The third most important thing on my list is to clean my room.I hate that ends up being the catch all room.Not good.

I am not sure how I will do on getting up early for this next week.I have a lot of sleep I need to catch up on!Anyone know how to do that?:)

How can you S.A.V.E your day?
S-The best way to play catch up is to just start and start small.Write
down your day or projects you want to do.Where are you losing time?
A-Accept that you cannot
get it done all at once.Better planning and having goals and to do lists to know what you need to do for the day.This can be short -term and long-term goals.
V-Vanquish your time stealers.Identify what they are.Some might be not getting up on time,not planning,too much screen time,friends or procrastination.
E-Evaluate your week.Have a plan B for days that don't go well.Be ready to make adjustments and try again.Don't give up!You will learn whether you are using your time well or wasting it!

No more monsters eating your time.No more monsters under the bed or in your closet.If you turn around what is following you just waiting for you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17-less mindless spending and more passionate living(31 days challenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Do you ever find yourself sliding into bad habits of overspending or overindulgence?  Think back to the last time it happened, and why.  What are some ways you can avoid this situation in the future?  If this is really a struggle, consider finding a friend or group to help hold you accountable.
Now, identify an activity or hobby you are passionate about, but that you may have given up because of time, circumstances, or money.   Is there a way to incorporate that passion back into your life somehow?

I wish I could say stress is a stranger to me.I worry and stress more than I should.There is also a urgent need ,or at least it feels like one,to get a project done without saving or much planning.It is a total "gotta have it"moment. The only other time we tend to overspend is eating out,or birthdays.

When I think of passion I think of intensity.There is a need or desire to do something. The last time I felt so strong about sonething was homeschooling my kids.I love scrap booking but it can cost a lot and finding time is difficult.There is only ONE way to do what you want,MAKE time and don't MAKE excuses.Get creative! Find blocks of time.Prepare meals ahead of time.Go to someone elses house or bring a friend or 2 in.These friends might be the motivation you need.

I am grateful for:
1.washing machine
3.cell phones

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16-less rushing around and more nesting(31 days challenge of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Get out your calendar and make a date in the next week to spend some quality time at home.  Have you been wanting to cook more?  Plan a day where you cook and get your kitchen organized.  Have you been wanting to redecorate–or simply declutter–a room in your house?  Decide what first steps you can take in making that project happen.  Missing your kids or feeling disconnected with your husband? Plan a movie or game night.

Today I spent a lot of time planning my meals for not just one week but for 3!I am hoping that will keep me from having to run to the store so much.I really haven't been planning that we'll.I kinda get in a rut with ideas for dinner.I have been wasting so much time going to the store for just a few items.I used to be much more organized running errands once a week.

I think errands aren't the only thing sucking up our time.Over scheduling ourselves and our kids.I saw a poor kid running to her teams soccer practice,that my kid was also in.She was running because she was coming from gymnastics.Two activities in the same night! She looked so tired.It is different for everyone but that is too much for us.

It is hard enough to find time with family,but ti add projects and decluttering into the mix is hard.I want to and I can usually find 15 minutes to do them.If I had to choose though,I would choose paper organizing and my kitchen.I want to paint and fix it up.

Sometimes though if I have too much time on my hands(very rare) I waste it by not planning.Planning and balancing are really the key elements here.If I want time with family or to do a project,I have to plan ahead and block that time out like it was an appointmen! This harmonybetween planning and balancing is what I am calling the Goldilock theory.Try something for a few weeks.But if its too hot.It leaves you rushed,stressed and tired.So you try something new.Either you move stuff around or you take something out.If it is too cold and makes you feel sad,and lonely;try again! The next time its just right.It may take more than 3 tries though.Value your time and use it the best way you can.Avoid telling yourself or feeling like there is so much to do.This is especially true when you have young kids.Before You know it you are "empty nesters".That is a situation I am not looking forward too.There is no hurry to push them out to fly solo.I try to enjoy every moment with them at home or in their interests outside the home.

I liked these suggestions for more family time!Quality time also matters.Don't forget your SPOUSE!Friday is date night.

N is for noises on the farm-Infant and preschool lessons

Scripture:Exodus 20:9,10 (Hard work)
9 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
 10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:

We talked about how we need to get all our work done before Sunday.We also talked about working together and having a good attitude to make it go faster and so we can have more fun.There was a bit of eye rolling at first.I mentioned a story that shows how one man saw beyond his daily labor. A traveler passed a stone quarry and saw three men working. He asked each man what he was doing. Each man’s answer revealed a different attitude toward the same job. “I am cutting stone,” the first man answered. The second replied, “I am earning three gold pieces per day.” The third man smiled and said, “I am helping to build a house of God.”
Nursery Rhyme: This little piggie
Music and movement:
First we read Senses on the farm

Old McDonald had a farm
On the farm he has a cow
Ei-ei-o with a moo moo here
Moo moo there
Here a moo
There a moo
Everywhere a moo moo.
Old McDonald had a farm.Ei-ei-o
Continue with other animals,horse,pig,chicken,cat,dog

Sung to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat.

Milk, Milk, Milk your cow while sitting on the stool.
Pulling, squirting, pulling, squirting till the buckets full.

"Barnyard Dance" Act out this poem while someone reads it to you. The barnyard dance is about to begin, So hitch up your pants and jump right in! Pick the apples! Husk the corn! Crow with the rooster in the early morn! Bow to your partner! Wave hello! Clap your hands and tap your toe! Feed the chickens! Milk the cow! Hoe the weeds and push the plow! The barnyard dance has come to an end, So kick up your heels and start again!

For baby-6months and up.We read teach my baby Sounds and first words on the farm.I asked my Preschooler what sounds each animal made.We also did the this little piggy rhyme.Here is a fun way of turning this rhyme into a counting game.

Craft:paper plate cow.
What you need is paper plates,pink and black construction paper,glue and scissors.I
just drew the ears and nose on the pink paper,and legs on the black.Cut and paste.Easy peasy!My kind of craft!

My daughter named her cow Flopsy and
the boys called theirs Awesome dude.

They did a little dance for the baby.It was too cute!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15-less television and more reading books.Who is up for an adventure?(31days of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Make a commitment to stop watching television for the rest of the month. Instead,  pick a book you’ve been meaning to read and make it your goal to finish it by the end of October. Any book will do but we strongly recommend starting with Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death.

Honestly we watch way less t.v than we used to.We got rid of cable because it was expensive and the commercials were getting bad.We have Netflix which we love!!We still watch t.v but on movie nights,or really cold days we all snuggle together.It is not that we won't 'let our kids watch it is just they don't ask.If they do they usually earn the time with good deeds or family contributions.I think just be aware what they are watching and how much tine they ate spending on it.T.V. is really great on sick days!Although my Mom never let me watch t.v. when I was home sick!

I would love to see what is on my family channel.There are lots of stations to choose from!
Adventure-There is so much to explore in your backyard or read in a book.Being creative and exploring different animals is my oldest kid's favorite thing to do!
Comedy- Watching kids play is hilarious!They are so much fun.I remember still my daughter got a little car she could scoot on.She lifted up the trunk of it and shoved her baby doll in it and said "go to timeout!"Laughter is the best medicine!
Drama-You have 3 kids one is bound to start some drama.Especially my little girl!My favorites are.He/she won't stop looking at me!I ask them to pick up their toys."I can't!"my kids say,as they throw themselves on the floor.It is as if their life is at an end!My 3 year old says he can't do something because his legs are broken.
Sci-fi-plenty of experiments happen here at our house. Things get messy and "its not me is thrown around an awful lot.It must be a Ghost or allien that did it.

Signs you watch too much t.v.:
1.You plan your life around t.v schedules.    Now there is dvr with a pause button but I think that makes you want to record more shows.There are no pause buttons for family time.2.If you sit down you have to watch something anything!3.If you watch t.v and after a show is over you have to watch another one.4.If you tell your kids to be quiet and watch!

My husband and I are reading Devils food cake byJosi S Kilpack.

I am not against t.v. In fact around here we LOVE Castle and Psych!I am merely suggesting to be careful that it doesn't become just something to do.You want to mix it up keep life interesting!
If someone watched your families channel would they want to watch or change the channel?

I am grateful for:
1.going to bed early
2.girls night washer

Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14-less smart phone and more communication(31 days of more and less)

Today's challenge:
Carve out some smart-phone free space in your day.  Ask your spouse for an honest evaluation of your smart phone usage, then together create a few smart phone policies to implement in your life.

I must confess I am a phone -a -holic! I didn't used to be but with baby #4 if it was late at night and I was feeding him I needed to stay awake!
Now it is a habit.Plus I have been blogging more since I started these challenges.You just can't focus one thing or other areas of your life suffers.I am a little afraid to ask my hubby what he thinks about my usage.I think that is saying something to me right there.I am not going to use my phone at all tonight once he gets home.I want to be connected(with family) before I become disconnected. (playing on my phone)

If you read my post yesterday we were supposed to write letters to our kids or spouse.I had a lot of fun with it.I wrote each kid a letter on a animal I drew for them.I really hope they like it!For family time tonight they will be decorating their individual mailbox.

I am grateful for:

Meditation Monday-4 ways to find balance in your week and life

I noticed that many of you have really liked my post about 3 ways to bring balance into your life so many of us are searching for more balance?Is it easy for you to do?Life is not easy itself.As we become more comfortable with how we define balance and what is important to us it gets easier!   When we take our first steps in life as a young child we are often off balance and can fall quite easily.If we fall do we get back up.Not always right away but we do and we get better and stronger.
In the circus those who walk the tight rope need to have really good balance.Often we feel weighted down with things.However,most of these day to day choices are voluntary.Some are not of course.My point is, if we have too much and what you are doing isn't working or you don't have enough time in the day;would you walk out on that rope?It takes practice to juggle more than one thing.So why not start back at just trying to balance and walk on your own.You might be thinking you can't just drop everything!I have work,school,kids,meals..the lust can go on.Of course you do.I am merely suggesting you pick a weekend, or a day to get your bearings back.If you are overwhelmed,chances are you put yourself there!Ask your spouse,family or friend to tend to whatever and get away or kick everyone out of the house.

1.If you really did it!Congratulations! I know that was hard!Next,you are going to use half an hour,hour,2 hours,whatever you need to do something relaxing.Go for a walk,a drive into the mountains,meditate, give yourself a spa treatment.Whatever! I bet it has been a while since you have done anything for yourself.In my post about finding balance the first step was to schedule time for you.You deserve it!Enjoy it because next you are going to battle with yourself.Be prepared to ask yourself some tough questions!But you should be relaxed right?

2.Write down each day in your week.Start from when you wake up till you go to bed.See where you spend your time.I look over my week on Sunday.I don't always make a list but I figure out what I want to do better and how I can be better and start fresh on Monday.It is as if your slate has been wiped clean.There are no mistakes yet just a new day with lots of possibilities!You make it a great day!On Sunday it is review time.Where is your time going?You can find your biggest time wasters this way.If we want time we have to make it!

3.Pick 3 things to eliminate from your week.I can hear the protesting now!Tough love! That is what this is right?Here is a look at one of my days to get you started.

7:00-wake up feed baby or start breakfast.Get dressed.The others who dwell here emerge from their cave.
8-between 7 and 8 kids up,eat,dressed,clear dishes and leave for school.
9-when I get back from dropping off my kids I go for a walk at about 8:30 or 9.If there are phone calls,Internet I write how long I am tied up with those at any point in the day.Typically it is a few minutes here or there.
9:30 or 10-I am home and eat a snack and make sure dishes are in dishwasher or unload it.I feed the baby,change diapers.Then I spend time with my kids.Tuesday and Thursday us preschool from 9:30-11:30
10:30 or 11-  on Mondays I clean because the weekend is to hard to clean.I set my timer for 15 minutes and clean.Sometimes that is it!Other times I will go longer until 11:30
11:30-12:00-lunch and clean up.Stories.Feed baby
12-2 is quiet time ideally. This time is me time.I nap,read,prepare lessons ,blog,or clean.My baby isn't much of a napper.
2-3:15get ready,clean up,let dog out,pick up kids and get them snacks
3:15-4 free time for kids and I feed the baby
4-4:30 is study time
4:30 or 5-clean up kitchen and table,dinner prep and as much clean as I go.
5-5:30-kids chores and clean up rooms
5:30-6:30dinner,clean up get ready for next day all pitch in or Mon gets mad!
6:30-7:30-Family time
7:30-8:30-quiet time.stories and bed
9-10-Mom and Dad time,go over next day,finish blog,night routine
As you can see most of my time is accounted for but sometimes things take longer and throw me off! Plus this schedule evolved after many failed attempts!You have to go through it if you want others to right ?There might be a lot or just a few places you need to adjust or use your time better.Maybe you need a whole new habit.I realized, and I am embarrassed to say it took me so long but,I realized if I don't make keeping my kitchen clean a priority then it builds up and I waste a lot of time playing catch up.I have made it 11 days now with a clean kitchen by the time I go to bed.I have really disciplined myself!Also I have noticed if others in my family do not share this same enthusiasm for a clean kitchen(namely my kids);I just do it myself without anger.I can train them later.
Once you start seeing your time wasters eliminate them or spread what you have to do in shorter bursts.
"When you can't do a lot do a little."This tip is part of 10-tips-to-get-back-on-track-when-life-derails-your-productivity/#more-18488.If I am low on motivation or energy I set a timer for 5 minutes.If that is all I can do,I smile dry good job!Maybe I need to try again tomorrow and work on my attitude for that day.Here is a great post on how-to-start-your-week-with-your-batteries-fully-charged.

There are always 3 tasks I must do or do a little of each day. minutes declutter
2.big item like pay bills,grocery shop,or an errand 1/day
3.Time with my kids and husband
4.If I have time, to work on a personal goal.Areas for personal can be an attitude check,blog,house and so on.I try to do something for my mind,body and spirit.

When I go to bed I make sure I know where things are and lunches,clothes are ready to go.Where is the laundry?Is it wet,in the dryer,or needing to be folded?How is my kitchen?Have I done something in all four areas.For now with young kids that is the most essential.My other cleaning tasks will have to wait until my Hubby is home to watch the kids.There is a lot of tweaking to do for cleaning but I just can't worry until my kitchen habit is in place.
Here are a few areas you may want to look at changing:
Morning routine,bed time,how much screen time you are getting,how much time spent at home and away from home.What are your commitments?

4.The last tip to bringing back balance is to review your week and see how it went.This is best done at the end of the week.What worked and what didn't?Try something another way.Add or take something away from your schedule.Don't add anything else until you are sure you can handle it.Imagine having 24 hours and you deciding how you would use it .What honestly if you could choose, would be at the top of your list?What would be at the bottom?You may have to say no to good things but until you have found that balance back you want to start simple.Once you have done these reviews,which I would recommend scheduling into your week,you will start to see where you spend your time.It may be with family,home,work,social,spiritual,personal.All these areas need time bocked out for them.Each of us is different.Start now.Change happens a little each day.It will all come together.Unexpected things happen.Just have a plan B and try to get back.Till next week.

Breathe,relax and be calm

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 13-less email and more personal notes(31 days of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Tame your inbox. Start by doing a mass delete of any unread emails more than a week old.  Next, check the spam box for all promotional & junk emails.  For most email services, this should prevent them from showing up again.  If you can, create folders and rules to automatically sort incoming mail.

Now it’s time to write a note!  First, search around and find our best pen and some paper or stationary.  Next, find a comfortable, well-lit spot to write.  Then write a letter to your spouse or to each of your children—being sure to include the date, time, a loving greeting, and meaningful, heartfelt sentiments.   It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, just a few sentences expressing yourself in love to someone.

I have been taking these 13 challenges very seriously.I notice them changing me into a different way of thinking and a lifestyle change!

You've got mail! Nothing is better than a hand written note.My kids write me cute notes all the time.As part of the challenge I want to create on each kids doors and ours,a little pocket to put the hand written notes for today.I am hoping that they will write back to me or maybe even each other.It can be a thank you,I love you because....or something on their mind or about their day.I want to then put them in a binder that says I love my family because....We usually try to write someone a letter once a month that is far away and let them know we are thinking of them.I am excited to see how long this lasts!I have heard of other people writing in notebooks.When was the last time you snuck a note in their lunch just because?Their is something fun about being sneaky.My kids are always hiding things they shouldn't under the bed. Maybe this will keep them occupied and less likely to get bored and find trouble!(crossing my fingers)

I like having me and the kids write thank you notes for gifts.It is almost rare to receive them anymore.You never know what a simple act like this will affect someone!

One of my most treasured possessions is from a church activity where people wrote down what they liked about you!I read it often.

All of these are personal and something you can keep.They take time and thoughtfulness.It allows us to slow down and focus on someone else.It shows respect which is missing in our world these days.Hardly anyone r.s.v.p's anymore.

My husband and I met while serving an Lds mission.We wrote we encouraged and shared.We were there for each other and in the end we found a deep respect for each other that when we were done with our service and after dating  turned into a partnership and a lasting love.

The dating divas have a great post about how to make your own special stationary!Check out just-the-two-of-us secret-love-note
There are also many printable love notes for your spouse and for your kids!Here are just a few!
For Him:

For kids

Have fun with this!I know I will.Share what you are going to do or just share a comment!

I am grateful for
2.being a Mom
3.comfy socks

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 12-less social media and more friendship(31 days of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Do an internal Facebook audit.  Are there so-called friends in your feed who are driving you crazy or causing you stress?  Un-friend them.  Remove yourself from groups you’re not interested in, un-like any pages you are no longer interested in, and turn off all notifications.Then do the same for any other social media networks you participate in.
Now, spend some time thinking about the people in your real-life circle.  Think of two people that you love and respect that you’d like to cultivate deeper friendships with and write them down.   Pray for that person, invite them for coffee, send notes of encouragement or short texts or emails.

Too much of anything is never a good thing!Most of us have a smart phone and not a stupid phone,that is what my kids call it.We can text,check email,facebook and now I have even fallen for Pinterest.There is an app for almost everything!We have become more disconnected and less active outside because of it.There is a very powerful video I saw a while back.It showed different scenarios where people were with someone but all you could see was a scarf or crayons coloring on their own.You knew someone was there.The other person was on their phone not paying attention too them.Near the end this Dad puts down his phone and the crayons are moving and his daughter appears.We don't want to lose sight of what is important or ignore our loved ones all together.

This is definitely going to be a hard challenge! I much prefer being social in person but I keep making friends but  they are busy or in another state.I will definitely give it a try though.

I am grateful for
2.warm pj's

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11-Less discontent and more grattitude(31 days of less and more)

Today's challenge:
List one or two areas in your life where you feel the least content.  Do you find yourself wishing for something more, or longing for something better than what you already have?  How do you think your life would be different if you got what you were longing for?  Would you still want something more?  Now list five things you are truly grateful for in your life

 "What" and "If" are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? What if? What if?"{quote from the movie Letters to Juliet.}

What if you had more money?What if you had better hair,body,or whatever you are not happy with?Is it wrong to want better for ourselves and family?To enjoy the good things that life had to offer?No, but if this is our only pursuit then we are off balance. We have so much but yet we see the glass half empty.It is fun to have comforts and luxury but they are not what makes us truly happy.Content to me is a kitten basking in the sun or a baby asleep in her mothers arms.It is the little things in life,our family,and the little blessings we take for granted.

 The two areas I feel the least content is finances and not liking where I live most of the tine.I think we all want more money, but we would have different challenges.I don't know what chalenges, but that is just how life is.It is full of ups and downs.

“Life is like an old-time rail journey—delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed.

“The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride” (“Big Rock Candy Mountains,” Deseret News, 12 June 1973, A4).

The last 10 days or so I have been really soul searching.I asked some hard questions to myself to find out why I was so unhappy.I wanted more not less.I came across the 31 days of less and more.I thought,maybe I am not the only one feeling this way.It was the push I needed to be a better me.I am hoping that if you have found your way here.The best part of this journey is I am more content.I am less discouraged and sad.I wish I could say that I am less tired but I have a teething baby keeping me up all night!Oh well,one battle at a time.Are you new here or just want to pick and choose which post?

Day 1-less negative more positive
Day 2-less fear and more courage
Day 3-less bitterness and more forgiveness
Day 4-less comparing and more self confidence
Day 5-less self centeredness and more service
Day 6-less discord and more harmony
Day 7-less anxiety and more rest
Day 8-less judgement and more acceptance
Day 9-5 ways to have less disappointment and more wonder
Day 10-less greed and more generosity

I am grateful for

Pick a pumpkin any pumpkin!

What is so fun about pumpkins?
Kids squeal knowing they get their own pumpkin.I think(know) they must love having something they aren't required to share.

The color itself inspires creativity.Put some orange  in your life when you want: spice things up when you feel time is dragging become more involved in something
to increase creativity
3.relief from things becoming too serious(so fun and goofy to carve pumpkins.)
4.Increase the craving for food.Is this why we consume so much candy at Halloween,and Thanksgiving?

Fun find:Why-Do-We-Carve-Pumpkins-On-Halloween?

We took a field trip to a pumpkin patch.

 Here we are on our covered hay ride.I still got sunburned though!
 Our cool tractor and exhaust facial!

Above:Sunflower.I have never seen one that big.We ate the seeds directly from it.We also got to try some cabbage and learn that they water themselves.
 We got to pick our pumpkins and then our guide cut them off the vine.
 The baby loved to feel the pumpkins.It is a sensory experience all on its own.
We even saw a pig race.I have never seen one of those before!The kids got to guess which one would win.There were also hay bails stacked and some slides were made.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-October must do's

October is my favorite month!I love the changing leaves the crisp air and al foods pumpkin.It is also a great time to get ready for winter.Here is a list so you don't Fall behind.:)      


  • clear rain gutters,prune trees and bushes,
  • winterize swamp cooler,sprinklers and lawn mower.How early you do the winterizing depends on where you live.
  • Fertilize your lawn for winter.
  • Check roof and windows for leaks
  • Prepare car for winter-check wipers,tires
  • Of course decorate with orange pumpkins and a wreath for the door!


  • go through clothes and see what you might need.All summer clothes should be on sale so you could stock up for next year.Just be sure to buy a bigger size for kids.
  • Review fire escape plan during fire prevention week
  • If you haven't started to plan for the holidays now is a great time.Print a calendar for October,November and December and plan away.Write down activities and parties you will attend.Don't forget to include birthdays.
  • Start Christmas shopping and hopefully you have some money tucked away!
  • Buy Christmas wrapping and cards
  • On a rainy or cold day make some gifts and get the kids involved.You could also make some cookies and deliver it to a neighbor. 
  • Also work on your Kitchen.Stock up on holiday items when on sale.Clean fridge in and under and same for your stove.Your Kitchen is going to need a deep cleaning!
  • Clean chimneys and fire place.
  • Clean walls and ceiling by swamp cooler.
  • Get furnace checked and serviced.
  • Sweep away the cob webs,unless they are a Halloween decoration. ;)

Excercise-yoga (especially plank pose)and squats are a great way to stay in shape!Find an excercise buddy or go to the mall and walk around.

  • moisturize,moisturize,moisturize!
  • Take care of cuticles.I use olive oil everytime I cook.
  • Put moisturizer where you wash your hands,in your purse,at work.

Here is a great resource I recommend looking at:personal-assistant-for-october

Day 10-Less greed and more generosity(31 days challenge)

 Today's challenge
Identify something in your life you are reluctant to share.  Is it your time, your resources, your heart, your best effort?  What holds you back from giving yourself away to others?  Is it fear?  Is it self-centeredness?  Worry that there won’t be enough left for yourself?  Look for ways to share your wealth, your resources,  and your time with others. Do it today.Maybe you’ve been wanting to sponsor a child, or maybe you’ve thinking about volunteering your time at a soup kitchen or pregnancy crisis center.You have so much to give and share. Your unique gifts and offerings were meant to be lavished on others.

Christmas is less than 3 months away!We all might know that famous Mr.Scrooge.When I think of greed I think of Mr Humbug himself.For this challenge I really want to involve the kids.We will start praying for a family in need and set some money aside to pay for presents,food,clothing.Whatever they might need.I did this for Easter for a family when I was a little girl and I still remember it!I remember the excitement on our faces as we hid eggs and knocked on the door.Their squeals and laughter are forever etched in my mind.Until then I have been praying for opportunities to serve if not in my home someone.I am trying to be more open to it.

I liked the points made in the post from challenges have been so wonderful and really made me take a closer look at myself!Several ideas of greed are mentioned.I want to go in more detail about time and effort.
1.Am I stingy with my time? Ecclesiastics 3:4
 "A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
The most important way and where we should always make time for its family!If you can't spend 15 minutes with your kids YOU are too busy!As a stay at home Mom we give all or most of our time.When your kids are young most of your time is feeding,helping,teaching,cooking and lets not forget changing diapers! As they grow up you will wish for more time with them.My biggest fear is there will be an empty house and lots of time!What it all comes down to is time.What makes you feel so happy and fulfilled is where your time should go.I would like to think that writing this post is time well spent if it helps someone who is searching or just wants to know they are on the right track or that they are good ENOUGH!

There is a hymn that comes to mind:Have I done any good in the world today?This is a great way to step outside ourselves and the business or comfort of normal day to day.The lyrics  go like this:

1. Have I done any good in the world today?
Have I helped anyone in need?
Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad?
If not, I have failed indeed.
Has any one's burden been lighter today
Because I was willing to share?
Have the sick and the weary been helped on their way?
When they needed my help was I there?
Then wake up and do something more
Than dream of your mansion above.
Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure,
A blessing of duty and love.
2. There are chances for work all around just now,
Opportunities right in our way.
Do not let them pass by, saying, "Sometime I'll try,"
But go and do something today.
'Tis noble of man to work and to give;
Love's labor has merit alone.
Only he who does something helps others to live.
To God each good work will be known.
Text and music: Will L. Thompson, 1847-1909, alt.
Time is something we all can give freely!All it takes is some time to re-evaluate how we spend our time.Here are idea list:doing time

Am I stingy with my effort?  A day focused on effort makes the day go faster,I think. Do you know the story of the Red hen?The red hen wanted to make bread but there was a lot of work to be done.She asked her farm friends but each replied "Not I."When the bread was finished she asked "Who will help me eat this bread?"Of course there were no objections from the lazy animals to free food.(I don't object to free food either)If we work hard then we can really enjoy our labor.We can be in the game and not just on the sidelines!A teacher of mine growing up had all of us raise our hands.Then she said raise your hand higher.Most of our hands went up a little more.Can we give a little more effort somewhere?
Fill in this statement I should really do _____________!
Now go and do it!

Based on our efforts we put forth we should grow spiritually and uplift others,give of our self in regards to offerings to others,show more kindness and love,give without thought of reward or how much time and money we have.

I am grareful for:
2.kindness Saturdays soccer free!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9-5 ways to have less disappointment and more wonder(31 days challenge)

Today's challenge:
Think of a recent disappointment you’ve experienced.  Maybe someone let you down or something you really wanted to happen didn’t.  How did you respond to the disappointment?  Did it make you want to give up or work harder?  How could you turn that disappointment into an opportunity for growth?
Next, think of the last time you did something as simple as sit down with your child to read a favorite fairy tale or watch the sunset or even stargaze with your favorite person.  Take some time today to enjoy the miracles of everyday life.  When you open your eyes to see them, they are everywhere.

We all have had disappointments in our life.We didn't make the team or get a part in a play.Maybe you didn't get asked to a dance or the boy or girl you like doesn't like you.What about a project or dinner not turning out or something small like the weather was bad so something you were looking forward to was cancelled.Whatever it is it can be upsetting.

A little child might cry and stamp his feet or scream.If we as adults did that we would look pretty silly.So how do we deal with it?

Elder Jacob de Jager shared what he learned from a disappointment"if you cannot reach one goal then attain another goal"

“All human beings experience disappointment,” he wrote. “If this hard fact of development were not so, it would be very difficult to explain the joy of personal growth that often follows setbacks. Most human beings accept disappointment and more or less content themselves with a situation in which a certain life-style, along with work and human relations, permits them to bear pain and loss.”

Our challenge is to maintain balance and perspective through inevitable disappointments.

To combat the wounds of disappointment we need to find balance.1.We have expectations of how we want something to go.If they are high we might not meet it.So we need to try not to expect too much and feel anxious about it.At the same time you don't want to never get excited about something.So find where you are comfortable.
2Look at it in a different light.For example,you didn't get the number one thing you wanted for your birthday but that person was thoughtful and you like them and it is good to have friends.
3.Don't let your disappointments loom like a dark cloud and take all your energy.You can ask yourself what is really important.In this way we try to refocus in a new direction.
4.It is important to feel disappointment,pain,frustration and sadness.Just don't let it last longer than is needed.Dwelling on your hurt only pulls you into the dark hole of depression.
5.Don't forget your child like wonder.Here is an article of 50 ways to lighten up and become child like again.
Wonder,imagine and create about everything!What will happen next?They live in the present.To learn, play with a child,play on the playground,color be creative!Check the article above.

E is for emergency-Fire prevention week preschool and baby lessons

Scripture:Don't play with fire(sin)D&C 1:31
 31 For I the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance;

Emergency plan:Know how to have eternal life.1.Light fire in our hearts-know who you are,why you are here and where you are going.2.Fight fear and doubt with waters of baptism and faith3.climb the ladder-read scriptures and learn line upon line4.listen to the alarm(the spirit)5.put on your fire proof clothing like the armor of God.
Photograph by Steve Bunderson
Just Once Will Hurt! Toying with sin is like playing with fire. Don’t get burned.

Nursery Rhyme:Lady bug lady bug fly away home

Ladybug!  Ladybug!
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire.
And your children all gone.

All except one,
And that's little Ann,
For she crept under
The frying pan.

For baby:ages6months -4 years old.Use my lady bug plastic eggs.Hide under a frying pan.Have baby guess where it is.This teaches them an object is there even if we can't see it.They can feel the egg and of course it will go in the mouth!

When there is something wrong in your neighborhood. Who you going to call?....not ghost busters.......911

When your home is burning and the fire alarm is beeping.Who you going to call?.....911

We used a play phone to practice dialing 911

We read some books.

A fireman
Author Unknown

This brave fireman is going to bed
(Hold up right thumb.)
Down on the pillow he lays his head
(Put right thumb onto left palm.)
And plans to sleep this way all night
(Close eyes.)
But the fire alarm rings! He opens his eyes!
(Open eyes.)
Quickly he’s dressed and down the pole he slides
(Right hand slides down left arm in a grip from elbow to wrist.)
Then he climbs on the truck to go, go, go!
(Hands steer imaginary steering wheel.)

This week is fire prevention week.This years theme is kitchen fires.I made some flames in a play house and we pretended to come to the rescue.

We also talked about 2 ways out and stop drop and roll.

Don't play with fire-We don't play with matches but we can play with match cars..vroooom!