Monday, April 29, 2013

Meditation Monday

What is the world coming to?I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to do next year with my kids.How do you feel about sending your kids out the door and not seeing them until almost 4:00.They are tired,hungry and you try to ask them about their day and they can't tell you about their day! I have been feeling like homeschooling for a while now.I don't want to because it's a trend or because I don't think the public schools aren't doing a good job.I have the utmost respect for teachers.I love teaching my young ones want their day to start with God.I want to see what they learn and learn myself.

I have had so many mixed messages about it.I know I can't keep them in a bubble or keep them from growing up.But how can we teach them when they are tired.They need to play and go at their own pace.These are the thoughts occupying my thoughts.I can't seem to get it out of my mind.I feel directed but I have no idea where to go from here.What are your thoughts.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy National Pretzel Day fun

We just did a simple activity.I got the idea and story from
This activity had a cute Story about Oscar the Grouch and how he likes garbage.Get a big bowl and paper bags.Label the bags Stones and put peanuts in that bag.Next,Toad eyes and fill bag with cheerios.For worm pieces they suggest raisins but I used chow mien noodles.They really look like worms.We put pretzels in the bag to be marked dried bones.Of course the pretzels are the star.For the last bag label it Monster noses and put m&m's inside.As you read the story add the trash.Its fun and you can talk about Nutrition.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday -Week 11 6+ exercises to do at the park

How is Spring cleaning going?

We are in week 11 of my Take back my turf meaning my body.It has been overtaken by baby weight and I have 10 weeks now to make it ready for the beach.How did Sun salutations go for you?It is harder than it sounds.You can find how to do them on YouTube.

So,as promised I am talking today about how you can workout at the park.First you can chase your kids around or maybe do some yoga outside.If you live by a park you could walk there.Again if you have young kids you probably have a stroller.You can use that stroller as a bar to lean on just make sure it has it's breaks and test it to make sure it won't tip.
1.You can lift your legs up on it to stretch,or use it to hold as you go down into plies` or a deep squat.
2.You can use the steps to step up and down.First start with your right foot up up with the left.Then down with left and down with the right.Look up step aerobics for more exercises.Another on is to step up and lift the opposite leg.Then switch sides.
Another exercise you can do is to use the cement walls to do push ups.You can also use the jungle gym
3.Use the swings.Lay on your stomach and stretch your arms and legs like Superman.
4.slide lunge
5.pull ups
6.park bench dips

Would you do any of these or would you feel silly.I would and have anyone join me.I like that can keep an eye on the kids too!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

letter Q-Queen of hearts

Happy pigs in a blanket day! That is one day's dinner this week that for sure is planned out!

Now onto our lesson.Lets imagine we are the Queen of hearts.Everything would be red or pink.Our dress would be shaped like a heart.Our food would be too and maybe even our bed.How does a Queen act?Let's look at some Queens in the past.Is that what you thought a Queen did?Kids think that the life of a Queen is easy and you have dances and wear fancy things.But being a Queen is like a full time job.

We played barbies and pretended to have subjects.I just found a website that made crowns and wands.I am thinking that would be a good activity for tomorrow!I will have pictures from today's activities,tomorrow,too I hope!

We decorated hearts and counted them!My toddler recognizes hearts now!

We talked about ways to show love and that to hear and really take something in you have to hear with your heart.If you notice in the middle of the word heart is "ear" We also talked about things that we love.My daughter loves pink and to dress up.My little tot loves cars and peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches.I love to write and yoga.

We also enjoyed some time at the park.The park is a great place for Mommy and Daddy dates!

The park is a sneak peak of what is to come tomorrow for Take back your Turf Thursday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth day activities

So yesterday I didn't do meditation Monday because I was sick.I had a lot of sinus pressure and since I am nursing I can't take anything so I tried pressure points that I found on this website my sinuses drained and I slept great.I don't know if it was coincidence or not but I thought I would share.

We have been talking the last 2 weeks about the earth and how we can treat it better and save energy.The kids tried to be more aware of the lights and using water.We also talked about re-using things more.I gave the kids some boxes and they used them in lots of ways.They really liked putting their blankets in them and sitting in them to read books or pretend it was a cradle.The box was a car and our airplane seats when we pretended to go to the North Pole.We even made a ramp on both sides of a box and put a jar with baking soda and vinegar to be a volcano.The cars had to jump over the volcano but many fell in.
We also introduced the letter of the week Q.Q for quiet vs loud.Reading books or watching a movie is quiet.Yelling and running through the house is loud and hurts Mom's head, especially with a sinus headache!

I found this great yoga sequence for earth day here
You will have to download it.We blossomed like flowers.They started out as seeds in child's pose.They wanted to join the baby for tummy time.

Then they sat on their knees and opened their arms like petals.The baby sat on my lap and I stretched his arms up too.He also joined us for being bicycles.There is my daughter moving his legs.

We learned a new song.I sat with the baby and we sang He's got the whole world in his hands,while I held his hands in mine.Then we we said he has the whole family in his hand.You could say Mom,Dad, and siblings.We will repeat this song for the rest of the week.I also taught them the sign for world.I got this idea but I can't find where from

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-Week 12

We have all been scurrying to get our houses in shape for Spring cleaning but what about our bodies?Starting now I am doing a 12 week program to get in shape and lose the body weight.I will share exercises you can do.My baby will even be joining me in a few weeks.There are so many quick exercises that you can do it is just the motivation most of us lack.That is where I come in!First if you have any health issues check with your doctor.

As many of you know I love yoga! There is no better workout than sun salutations.It is s great one to do first thing in the morning to get the blood flowing and wake up!Try it this week with me!

I am particularly excited about earth day and the yoga we will be doing outside.It will not be just yoga,some will be combos of cardio and targeting certain areas of the body.We will do abs,arms,your behind,ballet,and exercises at the park,store and some involving the kids.I want it to be fun.Also I am not a dietitian but eat smart don't eat junk.What works best for me is a protein packed breakfast,lots of little snacks(nuts,apples and cheese,greek yogurt) and salad with a sandwich or meat and a small dinner.I am always hungry(famished) because I am nursing but small snacks are the key to sustaining my energy!

Now,I can't go until I talk about our home a little bit.Here is the touch only once jobs.What I mean is literally that touch it only once and it shouldn't pile up.These jobs are laundry,mail,dishes,dressing and undressing.For laundry, don't take it out and dump it somewhere.That is unless you want it back on the floor,laid on,or part of an obstacle course for your kids!Take it out fold and put away.Your kids can help whatever their age!1-3 years old can find colors,match socks,and put it in and out of the laundry basket.3-6 can fold cloths and learn to fold the rest.They can also put it away.We have had races for that.Winner chooses next activity.

For mail bring it in and file or throw sway.Little kids like doing this!Dishes ate used and cleaned right after.Same with clothes you can put it in the hamper!You get the idea.Try it this week and see!You could stand on your tippy toes or squeeze those glutes while you are at it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Letter P-We made it to the North Pole

We are finally here!It is cold and nothing but ice.We get lost easily without our gps.The ice is constantly moving.It is bright because the sun doesn't set.There is a good explanation about the sun and the earth and its rotation here

We took a dog sled,which was a blanket the kids sat on and I pulled them!

We stopped for a snack and a polar bear drink.
Here is our ice and tent of course the kids spent most of their time there.We also saw a Polar bear!The kids took turns hiding and finding him.They even had a shadow puppet show.That was the babies favorite part.He also has been enjoying his Nursery Rhyme Pop! Goes the weasel.When me or the kids say pop we clap or jump.Sometimes I lift him in the air!He loves the surprise!Time for these explorers to go to bed!I hope the polar bears aren't hungry.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter P-Pilot

We are on our way!Welcome to Rushton Air.We are on our way to Oslo,Norway.In real life this flight would be 12 in a half hours.Then you would spend the night there and fly 40 minutes to Slvbard Russia.Then there are many ways to get to the North Pole from there,but we will take a dog sled.The kids had their passports and tickets.The passport came with a credit card offer.Funny huh?My daughter designed the logo!At the end we counted plastic airplanes and sorted them by color.

We colored P for Pilots.We traced and wrote letter p's.They also colored an image seen from the plane,like clouds and mountains.I made this plane road with letter P and drive cars on it.We read books about planes.When traveling you need snacks and lots of activities.The more of these activities you can have in one book or quiet book.
We had our in flight snacks.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meditation Monday- 7 ways to be a better Parent today

Our homes should be s safe place where our kids can talk to us and be safe from all the bad things in this world.I have discovered 5 ways to be a parent right now!
 1.Make leaving for school and the kids returning home a big deal.Turn off t.v.,radio,put down the phone.Talk about what a good day they will have.When they come home ask  more open ended questions that you can more than a yes or no answer.If you ask them how was your day they could just say good or fine.If you say tell me about your day or your test.
2.If you need to do housework do it with your kids and have fun!For example,when you are doing dishes have them playing in the water with you or in bowls on the floor.
3.Make use of teachable moments even though they might be too young.You never know when you will have those moments again!
4.Get down on the floor and play with those little cuties.
5.Stop yelling and listen.If you can't,take a breather.
6.Make meals matter.mmm
7.Eat together,play together and pray together

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ocean week day 3

Sorry there was no take back your turf.It has been a busy week and my Turf is a Tornado so I didn't get much done needless to say .We reviewed the letter O and the fish we have been talking about this week.Then we talked about Sea Urchins and where the different kinds of fish live.They made their own Sea Urchins with play-doh and toothpicks.I remember when I was younger I made mine out of Styrofoam ball and painted toothpicks.
We practiced fine motor skills and numbers with pom poms(sea urchins),tongs and an egg carton.You put the numbers inside and they count that many sea Urchins.
We also talked about star fish.They got to touch a real one!Then we made our own with a star cut from construction paper,glitter glue,and Epson salt.You put the glue on the star fish and then the salt and it feels bumpy like a real star fish!

We are finished for now with the Ocean and onto Oslo,Norway.I will also have a post about getting things done with young kids and learning the whole day.We continued to do our Little Bo peep Nursery Rhyme and will be moving on to a new one.The baby is now 2 months old and his tummy time is now on the boppy where he can really hold his head up.I was hoping to make sea creature finger puppets and I still may but I think he would really enjoy it.Not much interest in toys but very alert to sound.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ocean week-letter O

We are continuing Ocean week by talking about Sharks.We read some more stories online and books we have.Here is a cute one called Rainbow Renny the veggie eating shark.It is teally good for toddlers and preschoolers.
The link below us a story called the dolphin and the shark.See if Simon the shark can get along with Dudley and his 2 sisters.So cute!
Next we fed Oscar the shark.I made a shark by cutting out teeth and a fin from white construction paper then I looked for something to be the shark and gave him some eyes.Then I had the kids throw newspaper in his mouth.The big pieces or bigger fish were harder than the smaller pieces they discovered.When they were done they threw them up in the air,saying"it's a party!"

Next we made ocean scenes with shells and play-doh.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ocean and letter O

We are on our way to the North Pole!What did we pack?Warm clothes and a jacket.We packed a tent and sleeping bags.Also in our back pack we have water and snacks.First we are stopping to discover the Ocean and its sea creatures.Then we will take a plane to Oslo,Norway.

We talked about the top and bottom of the Ocean and habitats like the Coral Reef.For example the Octopus lives in the Coral Reef.Next we saw fish out of our pretend submarine.We even saw Mickey mouse and my Toddler counted 5 fish.Hooray!The baby liked to look at it too.I think he could see his reflection in the glass.

We had fun with music and movement.We moved like octopuses and when an enemy came by we pretended to squirt ink and swim away.Here are a few of the songs and finger plays.
We read some books.Guess Who Ocean Friends by Readers Digest has cute peek-a-boo flaps.

We also read online,Ollie The Lucky Octopus who had 7 legs.This is a really cute story!Find out if he gets his last leg here
Next we made Ollie crafts.I got the idea from
I didn't have any plates so I re-used cardboard that I cut into a semi-circle and construction paper,googly eyes and 8 streamers.The kids had fun counting his eight legs.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meditation Monday

Parents should wear capes.Or at least in the eyes of their kids they do.We take care of them,feed them,bathe and clothe them.I don't think we see the cape the same way they do.It can be an ideal that is hard to live up to.We start to think we have to do everything right all the time.In addition we may look at other parents as being better than us.The cape is very heavy that day and the villainous thoughts of inadequacy rob our minds of more happy thoughts.

On days where your kids behaviors is that of a wild creature from the jungle you may feel like you have failed in some way.A bowl of ice cream or chocolate usually helps.But all joking aside that is when they need you the most.Sometimes your kids will surprise you and clean their rooms or help you with their younger siblings.On those days they wear the cape and help us by making it a better day.I am more determined then ever to be a better Mom because if they don't have my full attention they will get it from someone or somewhere else.I might always be there to fly in and save the day but I can provide a safe place for them and help build them to be some other person's hero.

breathe,relax and be calm

Friday, April 5, 2013

Road Map Day and the letter N

Little Bo peep has lost her sheep and we don't know where to find them.Are they North South,East or West?I labeled where North,South and so on.Little Bo's sheep were hidden and the kids had to go find them.I made these cute little sheep with construction paper,cotton balls and q tips.You can find the idea here

Next the kids took turns being the hider and would hide items that started with the letter N.Then they would make a treasure map to help us find it.More pictures to come!

What is road map day without planning a trip?We chose the North Pole.What will we take and need?What will we do when we get there......?Find out next week as we plan our pretend trip and travel over the ocean.It might take a while to get there.How creative will we be?

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday

We did a makeover of our daughter's room for her birthday.It turned out so cute!
Here is the After!
We added decals and tore pieces of yellow tissue paper and crumpled it up to make it look like flowers.

Here is a a head board I made with circular canvas with fabric glued to the back of it.

N is for noses and nature

Yesterday was find a rainbow day.I have been having computer trouble so it is late being posted.We went outside to look for colors but we really could only find green and blue sky.

We talked about noses and smell.How sometimes we use just one a few or all our senses.Isn't that a cute nose!
We played a game where the kids closed their eyes and smelled different things and then wrote down what they thought it was it was really good spelling practice for my Kindergartner.

The line up was as follows peppermint tums,vinegar,bacon bits,vanilla,chocolate chips,basil,hair gel,garlic powder,lotion,peanut butter.
 We went outside to see what we could smell.We talked about some of the buds will turn into flowers and then they will have a fragrance.They smelled pine cones,grass,wood and even the baby!

They found a stick with animal trails maybe beetles or termites.

They found some chalk and starting collecting sticks and coloring them.I love when they get creative!
We also made something for the baby we put all our nature findings in a bottle of water.He is really starting to study things and kick his feet.He is also getting stronger and holding his head up longer.We have been doing Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep this week and next week!